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About Royalty - The Dream begins 1.15.07 Born as a Peasant / Live as a King / Die as a God Royalty - "A person of a higher ranking, "A person of Class & Privilege" The definition explains it all when you speak of this young man, and his accomplishments. His story, is one filled with dedication, and will to succeed. Overcoming several obstacles throughout his life. Royalty's journey began at the early age of 14. Like many other artists in his genre, Royalty comes from a single-mother household. Raised in the Lower-Middle Class area of San Jose, CA. Royalty was faced with a lot of difficult challenges. Never being one to follow the others, Royalty decided to choose his own path. While other children his age were striving to become young athletes, Royalty was secretly becoming a musician. His love for music began very early in his life, his mother bought him his first Walkman when he was only 9 years old. From that day forward, Royalty was always scene wearing his headphones, singing along word for word with every song you could possibly imagine. Shortly after, he began to develop, and sing the words to his own songs. All of his notebooks began to fill up with new lyrics & song ideas, And less with schoolwork. Royalty became less, and less interested with school, and more focused on music. His mother became extremely concerned with his grades, and trouble in school. But unlike most parents, Royalty's Mother did not take his music away, in fact she actually gave him the greatest gift of his life. As a bargaining option, His mother bought him a Karaoke machine, that he could use only when his homework was completely finished. Royalty would spend hours and hours in his room perfecting his craft and recording material. He started to release cassettes, of his recordings to his friends in his neighborhood, and associates at school. After receiving great reviews from his peers on his music, Royalty wanted more. He began to experiment with a more universal sound, and style. Stepping out of the shadows of "Gangster Rap", and into a more commercial market. Royalty quickly noticed his fan base spreading from his neighborhood to more suburban areas. In 2006, Royalty was truly created. This was his breakthrough year, gaining over 100,000 fans in a 8 month period. Royalty was introduced to a man by the name of "Rasheed Richmond". The brilliant mind behind the success of Cassie & her Myspace movement. Rasheed saw a lot of talent, and potential in the young hungry artist. He invited Royalty down to his home in Malibu, CA. Where in his words he gave Royalty the "Keys to the Kingdom". Rasheed spent a lot of time helping, and developing Royalty, and his marketing. Rasheed would constantly stress the importance of Myspace, and the opportunities that come to the "top artist". Royalty then returned to the bay area hungry, and eager to succeed. Royalty began to take on Myspace as if it were a full-time job. He was contacting everyone he could come across, building his fan base, and spreading the word of him and his music. Royalty began to create Remix's to hot and popular songs that were big on Myspace. His first remix recording's were to Cassie's - "Me & You", And Rihanna's - "Unfaithful". Let's just say the "Unfaithful Remix" blew up! Receiving over 900,000 plays on myspace before finally retiring the song from his music player. The song was creating a heavy buzz that moved quickly from Myspace to the streets. KYLD, the Bay Area's biggest rhythmic radio station, began receiving numerous calls, and requests for the new "Unfaithful Remix". The station became curious of the record, and asked listeners where they could find the song. Listeners directed the DJ's of the station to Royalty's Myspace page, where the song was receiving over 1,000 downloads, and 20,000 plays per day. Impressed by the movement this new artist had created, KYLD approached Royalty, and offered to test the song on air. KYLD played the record, and the request lines went crazy. The next day the unofficial "Unfaithful Remix" became the number one song on the station's countdowns. Beating out bay area legends such as E- 40 & The Federation, who both had released new singles at that time. KYLD actually took Rihanna's "Unfaithful" out of rotation, and would only play the Royalty remix. Word about the remix spread quickly around radio, and other stations began to pick up on it as well. The remix was receiving solid play on over 30 radio stations across the U.S. Starting in the Bay area, and reaching locations as far as New York, and Florida. The remix held the number 1 spot on KYLD for 3 months solid. The remix opened the door for Royalty, allowing him to showcase some of his own music to the station. They began to play his first solo single "Dreams" witch climbed the charts quickly making it to number 2 on the countdowns, and holding the spot for weeks. Royalty then came back with the hit single "Lollipop", witch he released on the Internets biggest record pool, Digiwaxx. The song was rated a 4 out of a 5, by over 1,000 DJ's from all over the world. The results were in "Lollipop" is a hit! Besides receiving radio, and club spins the song created a huge buzz on Myspace. Royalty currently has another single titled "San Jose" witch is starting to pick up rotation. Thank you for your support. You can also visit my page on Myspace @ add yourself to my friendslist...ight...

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Female, 28, Orlando, FL

Posted October 18, 2008


Female, 31, Holland, MI

Posted September 18, 2008


Female, 45, Kissimmee, FL

Posted August 01, 2008


Female, Age Private, Honolulu, HI

Posted May 30, 2008


Female, 37, Brooklyn, NY

Posted May 26, 2008

hey pa just passing by to show u sum sweet luv,muahzzz


Female, Age Private, Honolulu, HI

Posted May 24, 2008

Thanks for the add sweety!


Female, 40, Parlier, CA

Posted May 23, 2008

Thanks for tha Add QT Have a good day!! =)


Female, Age Private, Waco, TX

Posted February 14, 2008

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