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    Brooklyn, NY

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"This day I have perfected for you your religion, completed My favor upon you, and chosen for you ISLAM as your religion." ( 5:3 )

All praise is due to Allah subhana wat tala. AsSalaamu Alaikum Wah Rahmatullah. I am a young smart independent Muslimah that is evolving everyday.... I do not praise myself or any other identity.. I am a down to earth human being who only fears Allah....I love to stand for whats right and forbid whats wrong....I strive to better to myself in every aspect and give back as much as I can. Life is too short, don't spend it living all for yourself, because one day you will meet with the Creator and you will be asked what you did with your time here on earth....Those are just a few words to describe my persona and character...I now reside in the Bay area not a personal choice but career wise choice, but my heart will always reside and belong in Red Hook, Brooklyn New York where only the strongest survive.... Take a small glimpse into my life (photo album)...Salaams.

Addition 3/10/08: If you read the piece above and seen some of the writings, pictures and of course my name, by now you have had to realize I am Muslim. I'm on here to strickly network, either with other muslims with the same background as me and also non-muslims who either are interested in knowing about the fastest growing practice in the world which is called Islam; and/or who just hold a greater good in life. I was born muslim, however I was raised as a Christian, Astagfirullah (May Allah forgive us). When I became of age and having come across through some difficulties in life, it was only then that by the will of Allah subhanna wa ta ala that I came back to him and the right path. I believe I am a cool down to earth person, I am very humble, and caring, despite of how cliche it sounds it's true. So, I urge you to reconsider in thinking these are my weaknesses. I am a servant of Allah (saw), and even though I have my flaws, I strive to better my deen (Islam), ilm and hikmah (wisdom and knowledge). That's all for now folks, Salaam.

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