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Simple Gift Ideas ... Glass Candle Vase With Poetry Scroll To Fit Your Occasions

And  Many More

                                                  By: Diamond  Xpressions

  2008 Poetry Award with International Society Of Poets                                            




Diamond Xpressions

Has Poetry for All Occasions : Ask And I Will Do Special For You ,

Your Friend , Your Loved ones , And Simply Just Because ...

* Birthdays

* Funerals

* Graduations

* Love Poems

* Friendships


When God Made You


When God made You he knew You were Perfect for Me

And When God had Seen the kind of Heart You Hold

He knew Your Heart would fit with Mine ..

God Knew that threw all Our Trails & Tribulations

it was time for True Love and Happiness ..


True Love of Yours and Mine Combined as One ...

Making Us Unseparable ..

When God saw the Glow in your Eyes ,

He Knew Then the Perfect Song would be Played .

A Melody only You & I can Hear


When God made You I Knew - One day You'd come to Me

While I waited so Patientily ...

Not knowing When , or Where You may come From ..

My Heart Full of Love & Open arms to Welcome you into my Life ...

Now here you are The Perfect You for Me .


When God made You the mold was " One of a Kind "

Now my Love .. Your perfect for Me ,

just as I Pray- I'm perfect for you

Today & Everyday .. My Heart belongs to You & Only You ....


My Love will Last a Life time & Beyond ..

When God made You - He knew You'd be Mine ..

Loveing You Endlessly is what I will do ....

Cherrishing Every moment Together as if it was our Last ,

So When God made You he Knew ....

He knew Our Hearts would become One ...


                                            By: Laura Eggebrecht

                                                Dated : 09/20 / 2010 c






Any Love For Another,

Will Never Compare To The Heart Felt Love For You..

Your My Inspiration..

Your My Every Breath That I Take.


You're My.. Daily Moments...

You're My Whole.. My Better Half Of Me.

You Bring Sparkles To My Eyes..

 You Give Song.. In My Heart.

How Can I.. Sleep At Night Without You?


How Can I.. See A Better Tomorrow?

How Can I.. Live Without You, By My Side?

My Loving You.. Comes So Easy..

 I Can Feel You In My Arms...

I Can Feel The Warmth You Perceive...

I Can Feel Your Tender Lips Pressed Up Against Mine...


And The Release..

I Feel From My Heart Stress Free...

You Bring Me.. Contentment

You Bring Me Feelings Inside

I Never Knew I Had. You Bring Me.. Imagination..


To Keep Things Going Strong

When It Comes To Us.

All Alone While With You..

Everything Else Doesn't Seem To Matter..

Just You


                 By: Laura Eggebrecht  c




Search - Google /

            Type : Diamond Xpressions  / x 98 Sites of Excitement


                              Laura Eggebrecht

A Bussiness Of:

Poetry , Musicial Lyrisc , Product Sale's ( Hand Made items ) & Live Entertainment


2007 Poetry Awards : W/ International Libraty Of Poets  & International Society Poets  


My Name Is Lali ( Laurie )

Poetry , Musicial Lyrics , Product Sales & Live Entertainment Is What I Love To Do ..

Creating Events For Family Fun & Togetherness ..

Should it Be on Profits , Club Venues , Festivals , Or Simply A Event For Charity ..

The Reasons , Simply Because We have Heart

Careing For One Another Has To Start Some Where So Why Not Here ..

The Bussiness Name Called : Diamond Xpressions

Has been In The Inland Empire Since 2007 When My Friend & I First Started This Bussiness ..Her Name : June Balmer - May She Rest In Peace 2008.

Along With My Best Girl : Pooh Bear ( My Life & My Companion ) May She Rest In Peace 2007

Just before Our Poetry Awards From The International Society Of Poets & The International Library Of Poets .

I Recievd My Poetry Awards For 2007 & 2008 In Las Vegas Nevada Month Of July - Both Times

I Since Then Create Events Such As Club Venues , Non Proits , Festivals , & Simply Kind Hearted Events Because We Care .. ( Military , Homeless Childrens & Familys Events) ...

Last Year 2009 Diamond Xpression Held An Event Called :

Christmas Miracles For Americas Homeless Children & Families ,

Held In The City San Jacinto Ca ..

The Event Was A Blast , Children Had Fun & Were So Excited When Santa Was There To Hand Out Gifts ..

The Smiles , Simply The Expressions On Their Faces Made Everything So Worth While ..

A Gift Of Giving , A Simple Heart Choice To Bring Happiness To Those Less Unfortunate ..

Many Photos Were Taken At Our Events & They Are Placed Thru-Out x98

Of Diamond Xpressions Sites -  By Going To You Google Search ..

Family Fun Is What Its Truily About, Togetherness , Fun , Excitment , Food ,Gifts Games , Live Music & Much More .

Listen For Our Next Events - Come Join In On The Fun

Hope To See You All Soon ..... Diamonds







Imagine A Time When There Is No Tomorrows

No Dreams , No Fantasy's , No More Joy To Come .


Imagine A Time When Everything Just Seems So Lost .

No Comfort , No Love , No Special Someone .


Imagine A Time When Laughter Use To Be ...

As If Only Yesterday But Now The Laughter Has Disappeared.


Imagine A Time When All .. I Love Yous ..

Were Just Mere Words In Your Mind ... No Expressions .


Imagine A Time When Your Heart Has Come To A Point Of Uncertainty ,

Yet No Emotions .


Imagine A Time When Life Just Seemed So Easy ..

And Now Yet Its More Difficult To Achieve .


Imagine A Time When There Are No Feelings Within Ones Heart

How Cold It Could Leave One Standing .


Imagine A Time When All Dreams Come To And End

Nothing To Focus On Or Look Forward To .


Imagine A Time When You Have Nothing Else To Say

Just Stagnant In Time .


                                                        BY: LAURA EGGEBRECHT  

                                                                DATE 10/06-2006c





Every Breath That I Take , I Take For You

Every Breath That I Take Is In Hopes For Another Tomorrow With You .


Every Breath that I Take Is Thinking Of You - Your My Every Thing .

Every Breath That I Take Is A Welcome Blessing From God Above .


For I Never Know What Another Tomorrow May Bring .

I'm Just Thankful For The Joy That You Bring .


Song In My Heart , And A Love I Can't Express ,For My Every Breath

That I Take Is In Hopes That - I One Day Will Spend My Life With You ,


Because I Love You


                                          Laura M Eggebrecht

                                Copyright ©2008 / Date : 10/03-2006c


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