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My other page is much more FLY some come drop by Yo soy muy simple,and very versatile. Not your typical proud jibaro! braden I believe that the Purpose of Life beyond Giving a Service of what we trully Love to do, is to make a Spiritual Transformation from a Reactive to a Proactive being. Thus Creating our own LIGHT and not letting exterior forces effect us positively or negatively.

A higher power gives us everything and since we are like that entity, we also want to create for ourselves which is why we resist and find ourselves incomplete and cut off from the source. Picture yourself as a light bulb w/the positive pole being all the fullfillment we seek from life. The negative pole is our reactive natural desire, and the filament (a deviding curtain between our physicall reality and devinity)corresponds to our free will to choose not to react, but rather resist and avoid direct pleasure. When it breaks the bulb lights up (we momentarily have self-indulgent reaction of happiness or anger) followed by darkness because the bulb or our soul has short-circuited and burned out
Light= infinite Love of the devine

light= sunlight or illumination

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> Lets evolve...WE are EARTH,AIR,FIRE> I am WATER the bearer to replenish the thirst of soul. I Am! Connected to stars, even trees.

A Taino Dream Rojo es pa el sangre, the blood that was lost from our ancestors both African and Idigenous Native Indian. El amarillo pa el cultura, the rich culture that will soon again arise, back to the esscense. El verde es del tierra, the green land that was once ours which will be returned to us and our childrens children.