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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    Tampa, FL

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About me_;

Whats good, the names Felix but most call me greed due to my ability to accumulate money lol Ya can call me what ever ya want im not picky. Im a chill duke, almost impossible to get me angry :] I love to be with friends, hate being alone. If im not at home im either in skool, work or just outside doin something lol. Im in skool for animation, illustration and digital design, currently working wit fed ex though i doubt ya care... what ever ;] I get bored MAD easily lol so i constantly text my friends if not the other way around. I'm a shy duke but i mean shy lol I can't just go up to a gurl and start talking, i get nervous and cant think of anything to say especially if they are beautiful but when it comes to talking on the phone or texting im very social lol weird huh>_>

write music but only recently have i started to actually record with my crew, we are Dreamer Empire and you can find out about us right here on migente

Dreamer Empire Music Page

So if ya wanna know more, which i really doubt lol dont ask why. Just ask, send message etc. If ya want da numba do da same etc etc etc. I'm out iight Peace. [If ya read this wow thanks lol]



" They don't call me Greed for nothing. I want money...I want women...status...and power. I want everything this world's selling, and eternity's topping the list! "

" Im Greedy As Hell...They Always Said It Would Be My Downfall "



Aim_; Godovergreed
Ask me anything_;

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