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    November 23, 2000

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Welcome to my page.

I could write a book's worth and then some of all the things that have shaped me to be the person that I am today. Instead, let me tell you about the way that I think on some subjects as it may give you a clearer picture of who I am.

******** On Life **********
When it comes to life in general, I've heard many people say they like things simple, not complicated. I on the other hand, think about what my life would be like if it was simple, no problems to solve, nothing to worry about. I don't know that I would like that. I enjoy a good challenge, no problem is too complicated, it just needs to be broken down into its solvable parts, and then one by one you solve them, or solve the ones you can. If you got to know me, then you would understand that I've dealt with issues that would drive a normal person to madness. Am I implying that I'm not normal? Perhaps, but then again what is. So for now, this thought brings me back to one word 'Complicated'. I like that word, because to me it also means challenge.

******** Romance**********
I have a different notion of romance than do other people. Typically the thought is that you are romantic with someone you're dating. Flowers, roses, surprise dinners, sweet random things, poems or music and many others. Well yes, those are romantic, but romance goes much further than that. Can you actually live a romantic life? Can you be romantic with your friends as well? I think so. I believe romance is about putting meaning into subtle things. It's sensual, it's intimate, it's sincere, and it's mysterious. It's about shaping the present into a meaningful memory for tomorrow.

Ever been lost or stuck in remote mountains for a few days? Ever have a wooden walkway collapse under your feet? How about horseback riding through a remote village to reach a beach surrounded by mountains or taking flying lessons in a Cessna 172 just for the fun of it? We'll these things and more I have done, and enjoy doing. Life can't just be about parties, sex, work or school. You need to have DIFFERENT types of fun; well at least I need to have a different type of fun. Otherwise I just get bored. And so venturing out either by myself or with someone else is my way of doing that. I feel complete freedom when I can say, hey flights are full, so instead of a commercial trip, I'll just go to BVY and rent a Cessna for my flight to New York and it'll probably be cheaper than buying a ticket. Or when horseback riding, there is something about being on the back of a horse; you know you have control and at the same time you have no control. I like the outdoors, and so I get out as much as I possibly can. Adventures... definitely for me, but not all dare to join.


True love is spontaneous, its exciting, its adventure. It's about having fun and also knowing when to be serious to get your things in order. But I also believe that love has to be more than just about the two of you. Perhaps caring for a child, planning a business, volunteering, working towards something together. Can you look at the person you love and say these are all the things I want to do, and in return that person will help you do them because they believe in you. And of course that has to be reciprocal between the each of you. You also have to respect each others time, privacy and priorities.

Puppy love, I think that is what more experienced people call a love that is being experienced for the first time. Puppy Love is probably a nice way of saying Foolish Love. What I mean by this, is that someone who is experiencing Puppy Love can be so easily blinded by their feelings that they forego priorities in their life for the person they love. For example, a High School student who doesn't do any homework because they spend all the time with their boyfriend or girlfriend. The end result is poorer grades and long term consequences such as not getting into a good college or a good job, which could eventually lead to the destruction of the relationship. This is a trivial example, but my point is the same, Puppy Love won't become True Love unless you take care of yourself, each other and do the things that will help Puppy Love become True Love.


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