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Her enchanting beauty as a child and her ease in front of the lights profiled her as a young music and acting prospect when she took her first steps in show business years ago. With an immense talent and vivacious green eyes, Belinda Peregrin Schull captivated talent scouts at the first sight of her before the camera. Three years passed since her debut album, until the young songstress would record a second album, "Utop a." The work showed an evident growth as an artist and the evolution of her lyrics and performance skill, as she blended in other rhythms such as Dance, R&B, and even Rock. The album's success was no less than its predecessor's. From it, sprung such hits as "Ni Freud Ni Tu Mama ," "Bella Traicion," and "Luz Sin Gravedad," plus two other tracks in English. She received Platinum Record in M xico for the production; scored the number four spot in the "Top 10 Pop Albums of 2006,". In 2010, Belinda returns reinvented with her new album, "Carpe Diem". "This album is different from anything that I have done before, charged with different emotions, that are more realistic and reflective, because I am no stranger to the state of our world, and I believe that people need messages of faith and hope to identify with, and that is what I have done," she explains regarding this. Starting with the lead single, "Egoista", which testifies to her chameleon-like ease to sing different genres. Featuring urban superstar, Pitbull, she introduces a song that is as "aggressive" as it is "expressive", with urban and electronic beats. "It is a true privilege for me that Pitbull liked the song and accepted to join me," she said full of emotion. The album includes some songs that can be very "controversial," according to the singer-songwriter. Among them, "Lolita," a satire on girls that is similar to the iconic character from the movie of the same name by Stanley Kubrick, and "Dopamina", which talks about the analogy between the drug by this name, and other types of emotional addictions. The album was recorded in different studios in Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico, and Sweden under the direction of renowned producers from different backgrounds. The name of the album has to do with the philosophy of "live the day." She named it this way because she prefers to give her album an original title "instead of naming it after a song." Authentic, full of talent and creativity, Belinda has established herself as a new revelation of Latin American Pop music and a versatile actress with one of the most brilliant and promising careers of her generation lying before her.

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Belinda te invita al Reventon Super Estrella!!


Fans de Los Angeles, CA Belinda estara regalando 1 par de boletos al Reventon Super Estrella via su Twitter en donde se presentara este sabado 7/24 en Staples Center. Solo tienes que enviar tus mejores fotos al estilo, 'Egoista' via y hacer un tag a @belindapop. El gananador se anunciara el viernes 7/24 12pm PST. Buena suerte!!

Pagina Oficial de Belinda


Bienvenidos a la pagina oficial de Belinda! El nuevo video, 'Egoista' con Pitbull se estrena este lunes 21 de junio en la pagina de no se lo pierdan!

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Male, 40, Daytona Beach, FL

Posted January 10, 2012

happy belated bday


Male, 36, Miami, FL

Posted October 19, 2011

thanx 4 the fren request


Male, 48, Durham, NC

Posted April 21, 2011

Holla at ya boi and lets sell your music in my area!


Female, 29, Sanford, FL

Posted November 23, 2010


Female, 30, New Haven, CT

Posted November 17, 2010

escuche que vas a tener un reality show el ano que viene, estoy anxiosa porque ya lo tengas!!!


Female, 30, New Haven, CT

Posted October 20, 2010

gracias por agregarme!!! Admiro mucho tu trabajo, nunca me pierdo a la novela "Camaleones"


Male, 31, Lynn, MA

Posted October 05, 2010


Male, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted August 27, 2010

Thanks for the connection, and all the best to you.
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Male, Age Private, Park Forest, IL

Posted August 26, 2010

Thanks for invite,

Isaac Hayes

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