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All this Bochinche cause I corrected a mispelled word in a quote


Well fans I am about to post the transcripts of real messages sent to me by a member over a mispelled word. You will see the foul language ,threats and put downs from a woman who obviously has issues. In my quest to improve latino pride through encouragement and kind words I was overwhelmed by the reaction to 13 simple words. I promise you wont be disappointed when I share with you my friends some of the types of people that are hurting our community. God bless all of you Y que viva nuestra raza... (continue reading)

a real note sent to a know what.


Hey there, I just read your profile. Thats a pretty long list of requirements. Which of course I meet and exceed. However what exactly do you have to offer? Are you a professional, do you have a Masters or above, are you a doctor, lawyer or scientist? Do you own a car or a car note; is it a 2009? Do you own a house or a mortgage? Do you have an 850 credit score? Do you use a smart phone or just a regular cam fine? Do you dine out or just do fast foods. Do your cloths all have labels or are... (continue reading)

Caso cerrado


Help!!! Can anyone tell me if the show is fact or fiction? Although I have my doubts I cannot stop watching it. My addiction to the show is based on my need to see if it can get anymore ridicules. For instance the senora who wanted a divorce because her husband was addicted to sex with a watermelon Or the man that found his wife con un alegartijo en el hoyo. Lol Help! I don't know about you, pero you think I am going on a show to ask Dr. Polo for permission to divorce a woman with a Tortuga... (continue reading)

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This page is currently under construction, But I bet when it is
complete you will love it.I hope to bring something new and fun to
Migente. So for now please enjoy the pics and the music. I'm
working on putting together a package of pictures of me. So hang in
there. Also if you have time checkout my blog located on this page
called Hablando KaKa. All inputs welcomed. I usally put in an
opinion every other day. So just pick up where you leave off.

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