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    May 24, 2002

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    Augusta, GA

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    Puerto Rican

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UPDATED: February 4th, 2012


Using Twitter and StumbleUpon the most these days. Looking to network locally and nationally. Look for me, Yogizilla. I also run several gaming, social media/marketing, and business sites including http://yomar.me (Y3B) and http://duelpassonline.com - feel free to drop on by. =o)

(This editor smells on an Android tablet!)


A lot has happened in the past few years. Moved from New York to other states, met some great people, met some not-so-great people, ended up living in San Diego (one of my dream locations, honestly), loved it, missing the weather.. Now I'm in Augusta, Georgia - random, I know! I'm looking to make some friends while I'm out here. Who knows, this may be my final stop but, ideally, I'd like to head back West or Florida. w3rd. 8)

So, anyone in Evans, Fort Gordon, or surrounding areas? Drop me a line. It'd be nice to know there is some life out there. I'm pretty much close to all the main roads and areas.. Washington Road, Wrightsboro, Stevens Creek, Bobby Jones, and all that stuff are right around the corner from me, pretty much!


Feel free to look me up on MySpace or Facebook (more active there), where I have much more recent photos, blogs, and other neat little tidbits. My name is Yogizilla pretty much everywhere.. I'm pretty easy to stalk. Now, for the first time ever, my MG persona will merge with my Yogizilla namesake.. Exciting! =oP


I'd just like to drop a few little nuggets of wisdom (been long overdue, I know), if you can bare with me.. Life is too short to hold grudges and be bitter. So many people live their lives having others pay the debts of those in their pasts. No one wants to live in the shadows of those before them; moreover, life is too short to dwell on all the bad.


If you spend your life blaming the world around you, you'll never grow. If you keep walls up and shut people out or just shroud yourself in lies, you'll always be alone in the end. If you only deal in the superficial and foolish ideals, you'll never experience deep fulfillment. I truly feel pity for those that lie, cheat, and manipulate others to get through life, especially if you are so jaded and cynical that you let your temper get the worst outta ya.. I refuse to become that person. People have wronged me every which way possible but I know that being vengeful is pointless. Ultimately, all the bad people in your life will get their just desserts. Karma is truly an unkind, unforgiving mistress...

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Female, 29, Atlanta, GA

Posted May 11, 2009

lol... augusta is a really random place to live... lol. and thank you for the complient on my choice of music. :-)