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    November 09, 2007

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    Dominican, Puerto Rican

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                                        WILD N OUT 



Welcome to the "HardBody cafe" ....Im an author in the making more or less trying to carve my name in stone as part of history. I have a book coming out soon called Behold the Black Rose and will have some previews of chapters written here for all to read.....

Ink to paper is thoughful ....

Ink to skin is hardcore......

If Shakespeare was a tattooist we'd appreciate art more....


Live free or Die hard...... 

at the casino GOTHAM CITY ....


Hate it or Love it ...this is how i do. 



               a water massage 




have a seat shorty right here let me just whisper in your ear ............











 A chapter of my life .....a "broken Leg" for 2011 ...this is what happens when you ride a gsx-r 750 like an outlaw, the concrete does'nt forgive.....


                                       "the aftermath of sculpting"

Corta-frio es la meta and health is the resolve.....mental and physical mixed in a pot is a powerful force when used as one for a common goal to get ripped, cut, chiseled and toned. 
Use the laws of attraction to re-create yourself and bring about a self inflicted chemistry that has a motivated steam......go hard

Get your weight up, get chiseled go hard, floss.....look good feel good ....


6 pack on ice ....this is the only time that you can drink and drive.....









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