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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    April 17, 2009

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    Richard Cooper

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    Las Vegas, NV

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    Black/African American, White

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My name is Richard Cooper. I sing and play mainly guitar and piano, although I play several other instruments as well. I am a songwriter and I can be found at a couple venues throughout the week in Northern Atlanta. Check me out at

I take interest in so many things. Human rights are really important to me. I want to smash hate by educating those who are afraid and in turn hate. I want to help people live and work better together for common goals in our society. I want to work toward cures for cancer, treatment for AIDS, and more importantly, the prevention of new cases/infections from these two monsters. On the other hand, I also like little things for myself too. I like good entertainment. Movies, plays, opera, concerts, dancing at clubs from the latin ones to the rave scene and hip hop/top 39 (sorry there's always one song that blows). I like to go out to eat at fancy places, not for the place, but for the food. I like it when chef's can be recognized for their craft as an art and not just well forgotten. But I like just good food too. Sometimes you need to be filled up. I like food from all over. Indian, Persian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, American, Not so much Tex-Mex, but I like Cuban, Peruvian (Andes stuff), just all kinds of stuff with flavor and I prefer it spicy. Let me see what else. I enjoy the outdoors. I love to go out on the water; rivers on rafts, ocean in boats or under the sea checking out the reef or just swimming (I haven't learned to surf yet which is a shame since I'm from California). I like the woods for camping, mountain climbing and hiking, horse back riding, sports too, like playing some soccer, baseball, football, basketball, tennis and I like golf, but moreso for the carts. I sounds dumb, but I like to fly kites on the beach. I "can" enjoy fishing, but I don't really ever plan it. It's like if you get me to go, I enjoy it. And I want to go skydiving. At home, I like to cook. Play guitar/piano and write. I really do love music, but I like to sleep too. I enjoy resting properly. I wish I could sleep right now, but... I'm at working and I'm working really hard. ;) wink. I help run a bakery right now, while I work on my music. I'm a pastry chef. It's a New York-style Italian-based bakery but we make all kinds of stuff. Really the best bakery in the Georgia hands down. Let me see what else. I used to be a computer programmer, amatuer of course since I was like umm 13 or 14, and I love all the techy stuff, and from that came my deep interest in AI. I actually have some really interesting algorithms/formulas/notes on the subject that I wrote back when I was just I little kid. I still don't see this kind of stuff anywhere. I'll work on it later in life. For now, computers are great for real-time strategy games like Ages of Empires. I rarely ever play. I become seriously addicted for about a week. Like no sleep, less music, just the game. I really do like them though, but I just binge occasionally. I also like to read, my favorite author is Poe. The short stories are just the best to me. With that in the forefront, I like all the classic greek mythology stuff, to the point of studying the art that went along with it and just all the stuff. I like the high-held European poets, Shakespeare and the like, but the Russian writers were really cool too. I like books on the occult, God, religion, not just Christians, but everybody. I've read through, not entirely, but stories from the Gita which is just fantastical. Even books on meta-physical new age stuff. And I like books on sex. Sex is so cool. It feels good, looks good, all that jazz, but it's great when there are books on it. Beside just stuff like Sutra, there are books on massage that really hold my attention. I believe that sex should involve the entire body. The whole body should feel good. I also like to read fiction writers like King. Theres some other good guys too that write like Patterson and Dan Brown. Those books are good too. I can never remember the name of my favorite author from this genre of writing, but you get the idea. Umm, and I like to read biographies too. I read about musicians when I study their music, whether they are classical like Mozart (one of my favorites) or rock legends like Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix even Tupac was a great read. Westside!!!! haha. I also like to read textbooks. I just love to learn. If I hadn't dropped out of school, I would still be in school. Math and science book sections are not safe from me at Barnes and Nobles. I'll sit and read about quantum physics, atomic theory and number theory all day. There's all kinds of stuff I like to read. Oneday, I will have a library. I like to drive too. I like nice cars. I wish I had a nice car. It's really just I like to be able to get where I'm going without being frustrated by a under-performing car. I want to go to so many places to visit. I've been all over the states, and I've lived in Mexico, Panama and California, which is more like it's own country that's why I listed it separately. But even just going to a new part of town and have it's little benefits. Let me see, what else interests me. I like to write stories. Go nowhere stories. Just stuff to fill pages. Well there aren't go nowhere stories really. I just like to put someone somewhere and see where it goes. After I set up the start everything else just basically writes it's self. I just have to keep up. I like to draw sometimes too. My favorite medium is oil pastel, and I like to do landscapes. I like to do crafts like wood stuff like rubber band guns to tree houses to stuff for the real house. And I like fashion too. Honestly, there's so much about me. I like to do so much. However, that said... I usually just play my guitar and sing.


If you get to know me, you'll get me in my comfort zone. I am still very polite. I say please and thank you, and I do all the gentleman stuff because I am one, but I try to feel out what is acceptable. I match you a little bit. I'm different around different people. It's more of a respect thing than anything. While I'm totally me, I loosen up more around some and I feel completely comfortable being a little more toned down around someone who needs me to be. I like the variety. If my girl is laid-back then, I'll rock out on stage and catch my breath with her. If she likes to go out and party, then I want to go too. It's hard to understand, but I want a girl to spend time with. Sex is awesome. I like sex. I'm sure you do too. And yes I would like to have sex every night, in fact all the time if I could, and in different places to tell you the truth. The bedroom, the bathroom, the hall, the computer room, the staircase, the livingroom, the car (oh yes, not yet, but I'm down for it), maybe not exactly in public, but I don't know. I like sex, BUT I've learned it's not the most important thing. It really just isn't. Besides good sex comes naturally if everything that you're suppossed to be focusing on is being taken care of. I like to have someone to cook with, clean with, talk to about our days, the ups the downs and ins and out. I don't like to feel left out, but I'm learning to give space. I understand a girl just wants to go out with her friends sometimes - without me. Her friends aren't neccesarily my friends just because we're dating. I few things that are just no goes though. If we're together, she can't have sex/kiss/be getting intimate with some other guy, 2, no drugs, I'm really just passed that - a drink or two is cool, in fact a joint honestly wouldn't bother me, but understand that I do not smoke and in general smoking makes your mouth taste nasty so unless you've got minty green green, or somehow your mouth just always tastes delicious, maybe we should keep the smoking to a minimum. And NO I don't do drugs anymore, not even pot. 3 Racists I can live with, bigots I cannot. Racism is judging by race. If I see someone who looks latin, I might go up to them and start speaking spanish, just because of their race, but I do not think one race is better or less than another - simply different. And if you can't see the differences, you are blind and are silly. I will not even go into this here. 4 No muderers, like the evil ones and for that matter no Satanic chicks. I love ya in fact I studied a lot of Satanic stuff which has some good points, but I just don't think they outweigh the love of Jesus Christ. Ok I could go on, but I'll stop.

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Your music is awesome. I love how you play the guitar. Im tryna learn. Wish me luck, lol.


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MyHotComments have a beautiful birthday


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