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    August 07, 2004

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    Puerto Rican

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Hello *waves* Welcome to mi pagina Mi Gente!
Take a look around and enjoy the beats :).



Cynthia is the name but like most Puerto Ricans I have nick it's Cuci monstah.
I was born on beautiful summer day in July. I`m 36 yrs old estoy vieja :).
I'm happily married I`m from Brooklyn, N.Y. I reside in S.Jersey.
I would say I'm a collective person. I'm very thoughtful way too much maybe, responsible and caring. I'm very proud, and very positive. I'm pretty shy and sensitive.
I'm generous, funny and sweet. I get emotional when losing my temper, I cry maybe too often, but tears free me. I'm pretty much open to anything and always ready to help others out . I'm a girly girl, I have 8 piercings. I love pink, art, designing, but most of alI I love to LOVE<3...



Wow, I haven't fixed this page in about a year. But I have been a member since MiGente opened up I had to be like the 11th member lol. We all know PaPoSwIgGiTy was the first member ;) ! I do login once in a while, now maybe more often who knows. I do have a FaceBook acct. Who doesn't right?? You can check me out there the link is on the right from here. I'm here to stay connected with my Latino community, also to chill, talk, and pass the time. I really am lol. I am not here to hook up! I am very happily married :). Ok now that I got that out. Feel free to explore and enjoy my space here.


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Well thanks for stopping by. Hope your visit was enjoyable :) If you get a chance let me know you came by sign my guestbook, leave a comment, or send me a message. I always return it.

Life is too short for drama & petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, Love truly and forgive quickly!

..Stay Blessed Mi Gente..

 THE BEATS Gilberto Santa Rosa - La Agarro Bajando

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