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    Casual Dating, Serious Dating

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    March 22, 2008

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    Associate Degree

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    Information Technology

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    Tampa, FL

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My name's Kevin and I'm a 29-year-old software developer.

I LOVE it out West.  Want to go back out there soon.  My favorites are Arizona and Colorado.  I've never left the U.S. -- aside from Mexico and Canada -- so I'd like to do that at some point.  Japan, Australia, and Ireland are on the top of my list at the moment :)

Hhmm... let's see...  I guess I should explain what I'm looking for, eh? Alright, here goes...

A nice big bright smile is a MUST! One where I can't help but smile, myself, anytime I see it...

I enjoy eyes that shine with passion and curiosity.  When I look into your eyes, I want to feel like you care deeply about what we're talking about -- even if it's something silly like what type of desert to order.

As far as height and weight go, short and fluffy or tall and thin both work for me. As long as it isn't excessive one way or the other, it's all good.

You've got to be patient with me. I can be stubborn or frustrating at times, but I think I'm worth it ;)  And I'll do my best to be patient with you as well.

If you can cook, you'll score major bonus points with me, but just having a love of good food is fine, too.  It's nice to have something quick and simple now and then, but nothing beats a good filet mignon and maybe a nice wine.

I respect other religions, beliefs, etc. and expect the same in return. Though good-humored teasing now and then about stuff is fine.  After all, you can't take things TOO seriously, right?

Last but not least -- and even though it should go without saying -- you need to be able to support yourself, need to be able to hold a decent conversation, and you need to have goals in life or at least have things in life you really care about.

If you're still reading this, I guess that's a good sign, so go ahead and hit me up with a message and we'll go from there.


If you have any questions, just ask!  :)



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