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DJ Aaries got his start out as a DJ doing college, high school, and house parties. Those experiences started out as him opening up for other DJ's, but progressively grew week by week to the point where he was hosting parties himself all over South Carolina. "I like having the people participate, it ain't just me playing the music, and people dance" when asked what contributes to his early success as a DJ.

As his name grew in South Carolina as one of the biggest DJ's, DJ Aaries decided to relocate further South to Atlanta to put himself into a better position to be able to expose artists. Moving to Atlanta seemed like an easy move due to the amount of Hip-Hop that was in the city, but coming from a slower paced area such as South Carolina proved to provide minor problems. "It was so crazy because I didn't know any of the music. When I got here I was still playing songs that was dated for the clubs that were here." He began to work with Atlanta independent artists, with some receiving radio play, award nominations, and going on to become a success. While all of that was happening with the artists, his name continued to cultivate throughout Atlanta and in the South.

With the growing popularity as a DJ, DJ Aaries has managed to be a part of BET's "Rap City" multiple times and is one of the new faces of Rocawear with the "I Will Not Lose" campaign. DJ Aaries is also the SEA 2009 Impact DJ of the Year. He also started "Hood Hard TV," which currently airs in eight markets and the internet. The show is based around providing advice to artists and in a sense is similar to the classic TV show "Yo! MTV Raps." He also co-organized with Word On The Streets Magazine the "Hood Hard Day Conference," which is free to DJ's and Media. The conference has had attendees such as DJ Kid Capri, Remy Martin, and Wendy Day.

DJ Aaries also takes enormous pride in creating the Hood Hard DJ's, an alliance of 150 DJ's. They do not service music like record pools, but actually are more hands on with artists. To date the group has had their hands on in breaking records such as Nappy Roots "Good Day" and V.I.C.'s "Get Silly" which was their first official record as Hood Hard Hitmakers.

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