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    June 23, 2005

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    Healthcare - Medical & Dental Practitioners

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    Woodhaven, NY

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Formerly of DAZZASUPREME00 fame--it was time for a change!!!!

Yeeeah i promised to put up new pics and never did...lol. I need to take MORE new pics because yet again, 2008 brought a newer mature look to myself! lol. I'll work on it, stop being so damn vain...they'll be posted dammit...lmao.

After many years of love as Dazzasupreme00, it was time to revamp the page. The name is different but I continue to be just the same ol` clown a$$ fool that I`ve always been....LOL *wink*

So here`s some of the vitals: I`m 31, i`m "blatino" (this term i got from a coworker/friend, and it kind of stuck...lol)--a Dominican sperm donor (ok that`s a deep seeded issue right there! lol) and a Jamaican/Cuban mother--I was born in a small but well known country--it`s called England, where the speech is articulate, witty, and pronounced....lol. I`m 5`9" (this is arguable) and now i`m 190Ibs (this ISN`T arguable!) thanks to the wonders of LL Cool J's Platinum workout...lol, a darker shade of brown, with an athletic/muscular build (and some healthy pudge around some areas...im not gonna lie you know!).

Personality wise, i bring a LOT at you--I pride myself on my unpredictability because the day you feel that I`m boring, the friendship/relationship is over! LOL. I`m a comedic guy-always cracking a joke or two, with a wry smile and light in my eyes. Then I can give you a bit of intelligence-we can talk about Nitchze, nature, nurturing (hey, even big ol` Alpha males can hug you know....) or NordicTrak (they still make that nonsense right? lol)--I love to talk, as long as the company is good and there is food available....(hey, all that exercise speeds up the metabolism aight?). Then of course there is my serious side, usually during work meetings, sad occasions, or any mentioning of the New York Jets(man we will NEVER have nothing!)Most of the time though, i`m just a shoulder to lean on, a friend to rely on, and just an overall unique guy--i can prop myself up all i want, but you have to know me to love me...

Exercise of the body helps the mind flow--i`m sorry, but i believe in this dichotomy and if my constant mentioning of the gym annoys you, well you know where you can stick your opinion! lol...

I'm quite a handful...lol. Im a bit of a pragmatist but love spontaneity and going outside of the box. I'm serious in the board room, but i'm a goof outside of it. I love to laugh, but I can snap when pestered. I love life but I know i'm not close to finding the root of it. Success has not alluded me yet I feel i'm not complete. I feel that i'm happy, yet i crave absolution...i'm young at heart but i'm a wounded soul. But to know me is love me...I know myself, so those who want to join me 'cmon! It's a fun ride...
Special mention to MamitaSiempre, the best second mother any one can ever have!!! I love you not just for your pasteles, but for the way you treat me-like a son (though she looks old enough to be only my sister!!! MUAH!!!

Alright-the great Dazza must now depart back to real world of employment, taxes, and transportation problems...but the smile neva wavers...LOL

I`m OUT baby!!!!

*I know, i know-everyone keeps asking when the hell am i going to do another `flow` (those of you that remember my dazzasupreme00 one-thanks for the kudos)--we`ll see, cus im R.E.T.I.R.E.D!!!! I may just do another one for the hell of it....

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Female, 36, Valley Stream, NY

Posted August 14, 2009

I know you know this already... but you suck as a BBM buddy!!! And on top of all that missing my going away party tooo... bad friend!!!


Female, 40, Brooklyn, NY

Posted April 10, 2009

Hope you feel better soon. Pictures, Images and Photos


Female, 37, Allentown, PA

Posted March 17, 2009


Female, 40, Brooklyn, NY

Posted March 16, 2009


Female, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted July 01, 2007

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