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Wow!! Whats up with all these women lately who I thought once were loyal, high moral woman, suddenly I see them wanting to have a flings and get their freak on with another while already in a relationship??? LOL! And some have even admitted the guy is good so its not like he deserved it...not  that its any excuse either, but Que vaina es eso??
Well they do say woman do cheat three times more than men, just hide it better so it is estimated by social surveys. I guess its true judging from this and all my ex's! LOL! :o But then why do they still insist on trying to control their man from not doing the same. I really hate hypocrisy! :/

Anyways, hope your not one of them. But if you are just say so, so I know where exactly we stand at least...fck buddies with no strings attached/non-exclusive or future long-term exclusive relationship??? No judgement! Just Don't wanna get my heart broken because I didn't get the memo...especially if your gonna expect high moral standards from me, I'd expect the same! otherwise....lets just be friends! Thanks! ;)

I'm a graphic designer by day and an aspiring artist musician by night! ;)  Just a simple cup of joe with leche. LOL! Still looking for love in all the wrong places! LOL! Soy unos de los buenos Dominicano tranquilo (not the obnoxious, boisterous, self-centered, conceited, over-compensating "I'm all that" type)! LOL! I'm the complete opposite of that, I keep it real, easy going and humorous and very down to earth! I pretty much get along with just about anyone, just super friendly.  Pue ya tu sabe! LOL!  love to make other laugh, have a good time and enjoy life! Its as simple as that! No Drama and No alternative motives! I think we all know BS when we hear it! So come straight or not at all! ;)

My Goals:
To not grow old alone...Have a great career and Woman I love and loves me back in rain, sleet or snow without any regards to herself (cause if I love her, I'll take care of that anyways), and if its in the cards...a family with her too! But I can settle for the first part just so you know. (Children are optional) LOL!

If you can still laugh in the face of a sinking ship, then your the one for me! :) Attitude is everything...Its all about character and how loyal and supportive one can be! If your all in or only luke warm inside not fully committed...Just FYI, Life is going to be full of ups and downs, its how we face those challenges in the face of adversity that we show our true colors! I prefer the joker who will keep your spirits up even when all hope might be gone and doesn't have to elaborate on the obvious...not the overly critical, hysterical pessimist who continues to remind our apparent current perils weighing everyone down even faster! I'd rather be stuck in the boat with that other person that makes jokes and throw the other guy overboard! lol! ;)




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My OLD band, Cambré, below! Hope you like!
In the meantime, working on new music, new vibe with new singer and brand new attitude! All positive! Will be back soon! ;¬)



Hope you enjoy the video below. Its me and my band, Cambre (formely known as Julissa). Please check out our catalog also below and download more of our music online if you really dig it! Hope you Enjoy and come see us someday! Support the arts! It's a positive investment into the future of ourselves, to bringing about change of the human condition in our society for a brighter and better tomorrow! It is truly the last frontier for speaking out freely with the incentive to bring about awareness and positive change for ourselves in society more so than any of our politically bought and highly biased news media! So please, support the arts in any way you can! Thank you!

Un Abrazo!!!

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Is to live, love and laugh to the max, ANd to share as much of that with others as much as I can and find people that are likewise. Wealth can solve a lot of problems and its great to have financial freedom to do anything you want, but if you have no commitment of love from  friends, family  or your significant other then you have nothing but an empty table or mansion every night! Whats a house without its souls to fill it! What's a home without someone in it to welcome you!

FEB 11th 2010 @ (La Fonda Boricua) FB LOUNGE, NEW YORK!
Song title: "Lejos" by Cambré
Members: Mario German, Julissa Gomez, Carlos Fuents, James Shepherd


Shot in 2005


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Posted April 17, 2010


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Posted March 14, 2010


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Posted February 19, 2010

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Posted November 30, 2009

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