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    Providence, RI

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hey wass good?...dis is a DoMiNicAn MaMi from Jerzey recentlii moved 2 Providence, Rhode Island!! I luv 2 dance, sleep, go shoppin, talk on da fone, drink, travel, n all dat otha good shyt....muahhzzz ;)


Let me tell ya a lil bout maself, Beside all of da sh!t above.....

Ma name is Yiraine,AKA MiiSz B1tcH, Yiri, Mamii 2 Cute, i`m 5`6", im 1 Cr@zY @$$ Grl!!!!, brown curly hair, hazel eyes, dominican wit a lil boricua in me, live in da 401 area code, grew up in da bx, worked as a secretary @ a lawyers office in Englewood, currently attend Johnson & Wales University,I will be getting my Bachelors in Accouting, have a 9 yr old nephew, 4 yr old neice & a 2 yr old nephew which r 1 da luvs of ma life. Nethang else u wanna no..jus leave a note....1


Jus a few of mii fav quotes:

     "One fiinger up [&] ii'm out cuz yuh aiint even worth two."

                                                                                        -=- Weezy

     "[&&] ii gave up cariin along tiime ago, yuhr O.P.I.N.I.O.N doesnt matter, so do yuhrself a favor [&&]             [[S.]] [[T.]] [[F.]] [[U.]]"

     "SOMEBODY need 2 tell them they CANT DO iiT LiiKE ii CAN."

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