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 @ 4 years old napping with a good feeling on plastic sofa and panelled walls in the South Bronx






MiGente Stinks



(I'm always at home these days so  I enjoy cleaning.)

(My stories that need help)

(Please don't judge me as a "sickman" This way)

(Ye Right )

(Very nice simple site to download)

For 6 years today in 2010 praying and hoping that another one of my miracles come true.
I've done 4 NYC Marathons, 325 miles riding my pedal bike in 3 day for the AIDS, a TINMAN which is half the IRONMAN, 25 New York City Bike Tours, ran up the Empire State Building in FDNY uniform and I have always looked for more distance. I've reached out to newspapers, magazines, news channels, TV shows, movie producers and anyone that could open a new door in my life. One time I made business cards describing what I'm trying to achieve in this granted time and went to the streets, airports, train stations, hospital, etc. to hand them out and to see if I could get an extended hand. Another time I took my semi-writings to every major news channel in NYC, it's called "The Quarter in our Pocket," which also contains my personal description about working for FDNY to Brain Cancer. It's also simply about me being Tuto and my Puerto Rican family in the Bronx to my spiritual ways I see life. I've been on as many computer sites as possible i.e. Migente, Freewebs, Tagged, Photobucket, and Youtube is where I'm disturbingly tuto but in a humorous way, I even sent 10 of my videos to Americas Funniest Video in hope of collect that $10.000 I could use. I have a childhood story that I call my Fling" which is about the fact that I loved playing with matches. When I was about 7 or 8 from burning to hair, plastic, brown paper bags to a tree house in Puerto Rico, anything so I could watch it. I also wrote which could sound retarded, comparing my tight %#&@$! ADDIDAS sneakers com pared to Asian ladies feet that were bound so their feet would grow less which I named it "Ya Know what I'm Sayen". The stories are mutually humorous to me, could even be witty. Both show different sides of actual lessons of this life but underneath also show prevailing positive messages created from (my) life (my) brain.

2010 GO CRAZY!!!



 "Why did I paint my feet grey and let all that dog hair go between my toes???


Los Latinos del Bronx DOING IT OUR WAY









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