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    Healthcare - Social Services/Mental Health

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    New York, NY

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    Other, Puerto Rican

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Hmm where am I going to start, Tell you some Basics about me
I'M 29 YEARS OLD, page says the WRONG age Puerto Rican and Italian but Raised Boriqua, Born and raised in Manhattan, Im on MG trying to chat and burn some time while Im at work and meet people who actually have goals and aspirations.

I am an educated Latino I went to college for Computer Science and I got my certification in Web Design.
I also studied Swedish Massage Therapy and went to Culinary Arts school.

I went to trade school for education on diseases and prevention; I currently work as a Social Worker/Case Manager in the non profit field helping people stabilize their lives.

I love my line of work because to me its not a Job its a Career, people who understand what Im saying, know the difference.

I said what I said about myself not to brag but as a Latino Im proud of what Ive done with my life and all my accomplishments, we are not black nor white we are LATINO, which means we got to work three times as hard to get where we want..

This quote means a lot to me and I live my life by it
We do today what others wont do, so we can have tomorrow what others wont have


Just for the record for the man hater's It's not that Men aint Shiiiit its just that you mess with aint shiiit niggaz. Katt Williams

Last But not Least, Thank you to All My Hater's had it not been for you and all your Hating I dont think I would be where I am today, so Thanks again and continue to hate please cause at this point I am in my life, Im going to continue to give you more things to Hate On............



Franchise102 - NyC- Home of 9-11


I`m from the home of 9-11

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