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gay 10 year old boys

13 year old boys are total %#&@$! tards who act gay and when i say gay i mean .... Typical 10 year old trying to be a typical 13 year old trying to be cool. ... Gay Boys and Girl Toys. Wednesday August 29, 2007. Reader Luvmy3kids07 loves her kids, but she's especially concerned with her 10-year-old, who she thinks ... "Call the Gay Hotline! They can help you!" He gave Rusty a card with a phone number, and then got in ... "10-year-old boy into fireman uniforms and bondage. ... Apr 9, 2007 ... There's a 5 to 10% chance that any random kid is going to be gay -- I'd say that those odds skyrocket among 13 year old boys who are ...

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