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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    September 06, 2009

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    Arlington, TX

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Other

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My CD >>>TIAFFO - THE GOLD STANDARD< is at amazon.com! Buy 2 or 3 trax. Buy The Whole Thing! Here's the link. Copy and paste or click the link in my favorite links http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb _ss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital -music&field-keywords=Tiaffo&x =16&y=13

Are there ANY classy and Beautiful girls out there?? Hola, I'm Tiaffo. And I'm a Gospel Artist. Rap, Rock, and Pop. And yes, I'm actually on the market. Waiting on Him to send the right one for me to find, y'know? But first, some things about me

I'm the LEAST judgemental person you'll ever meet. We all make mistakes, and I'm not here to tell anyone how to live their lives. Just to show that there may be a better way. I'm nobody's judge :)

So, Hey waddup people :) How u doin? Thanx for checking out my page. Read until the end. Good stuff :)

Check me out doing something positive and Powerful

I grew up making beats and demos. One year I almost died from pneumonia caused by clubbing, not getting enough sleep, and being around cigarette smoke almost constantly. God pretty much let me know that if I didn't change what I was doing, that I was gonna die. And it's common sense, y'know? You just can't live that way and be healthy. After that day, I dedicated all my work to the Kingdom. Sharing that there is no other king than Jesus Christ who was born, lived, suffered, died, AND ROSE for our sins

A lil bit about me:

Born in Little Rock. Church musician. I can play 7 instruments. Favorite food may be Mexican. The only thing I Can't take is Indian food. Besides being in the studio or being on stage, here's some

Stuff I like:
1. Independent Women (not to the point where u can`t say "hello" to `em. Let alone hold a convo with `em.

2. Going out. If I had a girl, I`d spoil her. I wouldn`t just be the sit at home not spend and cash type dude. Evenings at home are always fun. But not too many want it that way ALL the time.

3. Staying at home. lol. Sometimes I just like being around my girl. What can I say? lol. Watching a movie, TV, listening 2 music...... watching a game.... I might marry whoever`s down with that. lol

4. Any type of girl. Daddy`s girl, Chickenhead, Down chick, around the way gurl, hoodrat.

5. Any shade. I`m creole (Spanish, African American, Native American) I don`t, can`t won`t discriminate. I am, however 5`7". So if u can`t get with that, roll... I`m not the biggest brother in the world either. So 150 and less please.

6. edumacation... er.... Intnelligents... uhh.... being smart. j/k Intelligence. Book smart and a lil street smart (at least the common sense God gave us :) I`m going 2 school for radio, telvision and film. Almost done. GLORY!!! *throws hands in the air. Closes eyes. Donnie McClurkin starts singing "Weee faaalll dowwwwnnnn... " lol*

7. A SENSE OF HUMOR. Laugh sometimes. Dang. It`s healthy. Mmmm mmmm b! - Dave Chapelle. Don`t get me wrong, I know when to be serious when need be.

8. Romance. Kissing. Quality time...

Stuff I hate:

1. Girls that are hard to talk to. You make us guys lose the motivation to try to talk to u. I know us guys can be dumb as I don't know what, but don`t treat every guy like the last guy. You might miss out on somethin special.

Learn a lesson from "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" Your boy Tyler knows his stuff..... Just look at his house. lol

2. Girls that are "too busy" to make plans. I`m sorry.. If I can have two jobs plus a job on the weekend, and still make time for my girl... uhh.... You should be able to slow yourself down a lil` for me. You don`t have to be Everywhere All the time.

.... I guess that`s pretty much it.. :) I LOVE making music. I`m real excited about the coming weeks. Going back in2 the studio working on some new stuff. Looking in2 getting a marketing team. Getting new pictures taken. Shooting a video/dvd (maybe). Making a calendar (maybe) Finally paying for my website. lol.

Holla at ya BOI! :)



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Female, 40, Ballwin, MO

Posted September 26, 2009