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Bienvenido Mi Gente! I'm making a comeback! This is not the same MG I knew years ago when I first joined! It's different! It's Hot! It's got so much more life!

I feel proud to be a member of MiGente! I`ve met some great new friends on this site. Some friends come and go but the memories I have of them will live forever!

In my original message, when I first joined MiGente!, my message went out to the second generation of hispanics, born and raised in the states, urging them to learn their heritage! It`s amazing what you can learn about your own people! It's opened a whole new world for me. For years, I lived bottled up in a city just knowing the people around me but didn`t know a thing about my past....my ancestors....my family who came to the states 50 or 60 years ago who struggled in difficult times, when segragation and discrimination was at its highest point. If it wasn`t for them, we would not have the opportunities we have in the world today! We are a free people today because of them! `Free` in the sense that we can now hold any job, career, obtain the highest education, and become who ever we want! Take the time to thank your parents and your grandparents! Take the time to learn about the tough times they experienced when they first came here! You`ll be surprised to learn that they were afraid to come to the states because they knew they would face discrimination and humiliation. Some of you may find that your parents or grandparents did some brave things back then. But they came....with minimal possessions... accepted jobs in sweat-shops and factories...worked long hours for very little pay...they broke the barriers...for us! Don`t let their accomplishments die with them! Show your interest and learn from them.

My 411: NewYorican born and raised in Brooklyn, USA. I`ve got black hair and dark brown eyes, and tanned skin all year round! I`m looking forward to making your acquaintance soon...so don`t be shy!

Although born and raised in New york City, the only home I`ve ever known, my love for Puerto Rico has grown! I`ve visited the island only a handful of times....and I love it.... the beaches, the people, the food, the sites, the history, I could go on and on.... the native culture that existed before the Spanish arrived in 1493 was of great interest to me. The Taino people who inhabited the island were a peaceful people...farmers living a natural life....people who built homes for shelter, who raised families, who had religious beliefs...similar to what we do today. I share these thoughts with you and hope that you will develop an interest and seek more knowledge about Puerto Rico`s history. Start your journey using my favorite links and enjoy the sites!.

I grew up in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bushwick and Williamsburg. These were tough neighborhoods that will never let me forget who I am and where I came from. The compassion of my mother and the strong-hand of my father made me into the man I am today! They taught me the principles and the values I had...and the values I could have...as long as I stay on the right path!



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