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    Joliet, IL

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Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted March 30, 2011

What good hun, just stomping on by to show you some love and also invite you and all your friends to come join me and my friends @ where you can rate each others profile, rate others and their music, videos and pics. Best of all you get to rate me and my music


Male, 54, Indianapolis, IN

Posted January 02, 2011


i am james
45, single, a usa businessman.

183cm, educated, a homeowner who lives alone.

i am seeking my lifemate, my second half.

i am very interested in getting to know you

lets chat on yahoo messenger...


pls send fotos...


1 gray suit.jpg
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2 wht turtle.jpg
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8 tan turtle tan jct.jpg
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Male, Age Private, Berwyn, IL

Posted November 25, 2010


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted November 08, 2010


Male, Age Private, Yonkers, NY

Posted October 26, 2010

The Heart of Wisdom

Blessed are the fruitful faithful harvest workers whom cultivate worthy striving souls that meet proper righteousness in characterized protocol. Like accomplished disoriented wandering miners in .. Chile.... Finally! From their emergence in toiling thousands of feet below sea level; having had struck a well-concealed vast shaft of rare shiny abundant silver concealed within its chalky-dimmed existence in grandeur, Further determined by their element in wondrous awe,

That which magnifies like the richest treasures of testimonies found within the hearts of patient Christ-like executed disciples whom have preached the good news throughout their Godly-self rendering, whole heartedly virtuous honest hard work through earthly un-daunted sacrifices forever un-flawed! Un-like hostile un-forgiving corporate sovereign subtle evil minds that preside in delegating towards lobbyists interests that only prove to being blemished in falsehood blown up like the deadly poisonous puffy fish with much exalted immoral pride; Constantly challenging the psyches of the masses by decisively manipulating economically over the majority so as to suit their own self-indulged utilized conformity, misleading schemes Thus presenting un-disclosed ill-fated revelations in penalties to the public full of only promised perdition leaving this planet with no infrastructural consolation; eventually leaving this cruel world without a soul single dime. Evidently snowballing in a downward like frosty self-destructive in-evitable colossal wintry land-slide!

Disciplined persevering minds fare better when rigid and at its sturdiest when its gray substance in gray matter is gradually advocated and psychologically nourished. For like the remarkably strong inner qualities found within strong ringed- orangutan solid barks which thus? depict internal trials and accumulated much experiences in tribulations that in which dont promote perdition but give way towards long-lasting origins in prelude like the tremendously majestic standing forever true Vindicated Californian Red Woods!

For like a shadowy darkness creeping high up in the horizon slowly brewing turbulent in-coming drastic pending tornadoes that dismay and deceive quiet susceptibly curious innocent on-looking vulnerable eyes Supposed educated Rulers whom are fools of negative activity transgressors that exploit good white frequencies of light prioritizing constant warring in numbers but in actuality within their own confined turmoil inoculated brainwashed subconsciously conditioned stubborn ignorant minds and receiving damning revelations for displaying such bad conduct by suffering thus exiting our splendorous God-given planet suffering death- penalties;

Always working tenaciously like intimidating provoking roaring large banking lions protecting their investments all the while sneakily saving greedily sub-leasing as well as misleading financially illiterate and alienated hardworking poor tenants! Like Sparkling diversified ruby crystalline colors of represented auras found within kaleidoscopic abstracted tendencies for varied vanities must also your faith endure in levels against all imbecilic heathens and relentless burdens of beasts! For like the resilient Spartan warriors, Deathly out-numbered Brigades enduring and loyally defending their self-evidently profound demand for respect by depicting rebuking styles by means of attributed physical demanding shielded preserving restraint for respect should you always seek my brothers and sisters and it should must be by any means always met!


Male, Age Private, Yonkers, NY

Posted October 26, 2010

Find refuge like hardened- willed cement, Torturous Enhancing display of loyal-ness like attributed formulation like enhanced and extracted furnace lava hot heated oils made in blended mixed synthetic substances for the developmental upgraded proportions of sporty vehicular high performances in engine treatment, thus creating and producing ultimate powerful liquid titanium for the newer millennium always pursuing to rise above awful foolish family members whom are selfish and far more worse in nepotistic evil than apparently any of your non- blooded hereditary relational compatriotic business partners.

This Injunction is the rule and this I telleth unto you do not misinterpret displaced perceptions in understanding of what this corrupted masses would like you to admonish when its their deceiving that they want you to believe which is their beneficially incentive contempt in total deposition as you shall soon be revealed to see. You shall only worship your two magnificent holistic blessed immortal grand masters from up above in the heavens; knowing when to have associative negotiating dealings with an imperfect Satan when facing coercivity and learning how to vocally vow and pay before thy ultimate Jehovah God then vowing and not paying, respectively!

Like a swirling submerging rampaging aggressively impacting Tsunami apparently lost and not soundly grounded like ancient conniving narcissist Harlots and Pagan Egyptian pharaohs whom engaged in favoritism in correlation to the very best artistically creative sculptors and well-fit powerfully laborious masonry builders; whom proceeded towards constructing ergonomical homage in preparation for preserving their souls, further engaged within their admiration for worldy desirous worthless materialistic treasures, icon and idols as previously discussed! The only thing reaped will be their condemned reputation in grotesque dispersed disgust. Never ever must you worship no other than your true God nor so be as un-grateful or in-considerate like an idiotic King Nimrod.

So gather on my beloved universal congregation!!! Give way towards rising to spiritual upliftment expectations and encouragement because our enemies will have been too late to be within enlightenment only to therefore discover debris for like when my father punished and transformed ashes engulfing the permanently tarnished Black Sea!

If theyd only acknowledge the readily at one time opportunistic availability leading like drunkard chauffeurs one must thrive like an aspiring computer programming entrepreneur that chooses to succumb god-willingly rising above all lesser amateurs thus provoking the open-mindedness of the possibilities of eternal life behind those peculiarly looking and loving mysteriously humongous cloudy gated flying mystifying enormous gigantic interactivity Doors~

By: Mr. Angel Manuel Dominic Carlito Gonzalez Jr.
Mr. Angel M. Gonzalez


Male, 43, Evergreen Park, IL

Posted October 18, 2010 +


Male, Age Private, Berwyn, IL

Posted October 08, 2010

Get this Graphic on yTagi!


Male, 45, Lancaster, PA

Posted September 11, 2010

Music Playlist at


Male, Age Private, Memphis, TN

Posted September 08, 2010

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