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What's up migente long time no see.

. I am a proud father of 2 wonderful Kids and like the real man that I have become I just wanted to make it clear and want just to be a friend. So for you ladies that have problems with your man or girlfriend just remember one thing you are not the only one going threw it others do to and sometimes worse, so keep your head up and keep your goals and priorities first b4 any man or woman in your life. They would respect you more for that than always playing a game that most of you probably can't handle. One more thing b4 I go, Never leave the one you LOVE for the ONE you LIKE because the ONE you LIKE will leave you for the ONE they LOVE.

Another saying I always say if you ain't gonna do it some else will believe that......You know what FUCK all relationships...Fuck evrything I said Believe only whats there I am tired of this 85-15 relationship bull%#&@$! I am done being a good guy. I am leaving in a few months to the army and all i wanted was to be that guy for my woman she dont understand then hopefully the next girl will so those interested holla at me if not oh well Im out to the army anyway some one else will Peace....  

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