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    San Pablo, CA

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    Black/African American

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Deja para tener una charla sobre los acontecimientos actuales, pel culas, libros algo que no sea ..... ME!!! No estoy aqu en busca de amor o sexo video o temas de informaci n personal ... o canje direcci n de correo electr nico para charlar mejor. No es esto una red social?!! S lo quiero tener una buena conversaci n con personas con los mismos intereses que yo. Voy a bloguear algunos de mis pensamientos y libros que van a leer con la esperanza de una buena conversaci n con ellos. Soy una persona recta y hacia adelante ning n tema es tab ! Acabo de pedir que a cada quien comentarios pueden estar en desacuerdo sin el drama! Esta nota se espa olas hecho por Google Translator

I am not here looking for love or video sex or topics on personal infomation... or email address exchange to chat better. Is this not a social network?!!!!

I just want to have a good conversation with people with the same interest as me. I will be blogging some of my thoughts and books I will be reading in hopes of good conversation on them. I am a straight forward person and no topic is taboo! I just ask that to who every comments can agree to disagree without the drama!!!LETS HAVE A CHAT ABOUT CURRENT EVENTS, MOVIES, BOOKS ANYTHING OTHER THEN .....ME!!!!!

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What is sexier? Phone sex or Cam Sex?


Which is more of a turn on for men, to see a women pleasure themself on cam and you can hear them too...but a phone sex, leaves more to the imagntion and you can hear it in her voice. So what does it for you?

GUMBY robs a store!!!!!


A robber dressed in a Gumby costume attempts to rob a 7-11 store in San Diego, California. The whole incident is caught on camera.

What do you think about this?

RAIDERS!!!!!!! Skip Thomas passed away!


I am saddened by the passing of Alonzo “Skip” Thomas. He proudly wore the Silver and Black from 1972-1977.My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He was a true warrior, a great Raider and will be sorely missed. Former Oakland Raiders cornerback Alonzo "Skip" Thomas died of a heart attack on Sunday. He was 61. Nicknamed "Dr. Death." Thomas spent all six years of his NFL career in Silver & Black after being selected by Oakland in the seventh round of... (continue reading)

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