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    Friends, Networking

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    July 03, 2008

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    Phoenix, AZ

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    Hispanic/Latino, Native American

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    Mexican, Other

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------->>>>>> ;>>> For anyone that wants to know... I am Mexican!!! Another thing, I am sincere, sweet kind hearted (DONT MISTAKE MY KINDESS FOR A WEAKNESS)!!, I TREAT EVERYBODY THE WAY I WANT TO GET TREATED... -->WITH RESPECT<-- so dont get it TWISTED!


#Get to know me#


Im 20 years old.. I was born and raised in the VALLEY OF THE SUN also known as Phoenix, Arizona baby!! yup yup I don't smoke I like to go out and have a good time.. I do Drink..that does not mean i'm drinking my life away!! Im the first to graduate High School yea CLASS of 2006 baby!!! lol My major in college is Phsycology.. I love my family and friends without them and God I wouldnt have made it this far in LIFE!




My Expression towards gente:


Most people tend to think what type of person they know I am WHEN in reality they don't. Some people believe they can tell or figure in what direction I am going in life, To those who "THINK" they know--> You have no idea where I`m going And when the day comes for you to see what I have become you will eat up all your words,and enjoy them. Eventually I will meet up with those that said I wouldnt make it to college hahaha I made it this far and im still going strong 






***Don`t judge****


me based on my appearance,

Don`t THINK you know who I am by

YOUR first impression, Get to know ME

for who I am and not for what you think I am,

and despite how I look!! YOU NEVER KNOW YOU just might be impressed....




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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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