Lamboy2 Como "America's Got Talent" no lo quiere entonces nos toca a nosotros su gente a apoyarlo sujiero que haga un cd y se lo compremos!!! YO personalmente NO LO CONOSCO no es que tengo ganancia si el vende o no!! Pero si creo que a nuestra isla vienen de todos los paises para subir y si lo hacemos por otros porque no por uno de los nuestros!!!! - July 07, 2010 add/view comments (0)

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Puerto Rico mentioned in the US of A news circuits, WOW!!!!


Bravo, We made the front pages and CNN and MSNBC to boot, (and FOX to follow!)!!!

KUDOS, to all reporters, the FBI and all involved in this fracas!!!!

 NOW why have you not mentioned, That 52 thousand people already left their homes on the island, because there are no jobs!! or that people are committing suicide in epidemic proportions!!!Why have you not mentioned that Puerto Rico is poorer than all the States, that unemployment surpasses any state!!! That the... (continue reading)

My Cat Lenguita


I started to write about my adopted cat, "lenguita" = Spanish for small tongue. (her tongue always stuck out, therefore her name!!) She was killed accidentally last week by a car. I wanted to give her a memorial or honor for she was one of GOD's creations after all, and although not by my choice, was my friend, and no friend should past on without something said about their sojourn on earth, we always leave our mark, she sure did; and I miss her.........

I am a dog person... (continue reading)

Punish our children, to what extent?


Lets not forget that medicine sometimes taste bad, but we need it to heal!! The same applies to a time out, a spanking or other form of punishment in due time!!!

A 55 year old woman visited her 23 year old son at a prison. He was there for voluntary homicide, guilty as charged!! He had run over and killed a child while driving at high speed on a wrong way, on a one way street, while trying to escape from the police for illegally trying to pass another vehicle!

He was brought... (continue reading)

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Hola everyone, if your interest is friendship, spirituality, or email friend, then you may contact me, I am NOT searching for romance, Marriage or a sexual partner, no matter how young or beautiful you may be on this site; so please refrain from contacting me if that is your intention!!!


I think that all of us are on a spiritual mission, wether religious or not. All have certain processes and everyone has to inter connect with others on our way up/higher. I am a "born again Christian" who thinks that I cannot force on anyone my way, I can tell you all my knowledge and you would still have to choose your way. That way may be similar to mine but never the same as mine, for it is an individual quest.


I started to write and most of my writings are in the blogs section, some of it is personal, some are my world/political views. I have decided to be very outspoken concerning matters that touch my heart or politics, even if they are not popular!  I will comment and protest, but I will follow the law of the land I am in. 

 I also know that above these laws are the laws of nature/earth,  I must follow these more closely, those laws have to do with my body and those of the other living creatures which GOD placed under us. , creatures we must protect! 

There are also the laws of GOD, those are neccesary for the well being of my soul and so they are above all, but they will not be imposed on me by the rules of any religion!  My judge will be my LORD and SAVIOUR!!!

Folks read my blogs!! This is just a beginning.

I wellcome all comments, but have the right to remove those that I find too offensive or commercial for me. I am the judge and jury on my page,  and need not have to explain who I befriend or what is posted on my page. I said that with love and not in an offending manner, your rights will not be violated by me.   






Also please check out my paintings (comments please!!) and also have recently added a blog, tell me what you think!!! 

HEY Guys and Gals, don't be cheap when you like something on my page how about giving me some props!!!  Thats how I pay the rent. (LOL)    love always, Leo

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Male, 31, Lynn, MA

Posted October 05, 2010


Female, Age Private, Dallas, TX

Posted August 25, 2010

I know I am kind of late, but still I hope you had a very great...


Male, 51, New York, NY

Posted August 12, 2010
MyHotComments It's been awhile but I haven't forgotten you.


Female, 40, Bowie, MD

Posted February 27, 2010


Female, 56, Clermont, FL

Posted December 24, 2009


Male, 42, South Richmond Hill, NY

Posted December 17, 2009

hermano thank you so much for visiting my page and you kind words. Im very happy that your connected and may God bless you in many ways brother. stay in touch bro. we are all brothers here!!!!


Female, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA

Posted December 06, 2009


Female, 65, Belize

Posted November 28, 2009

Keep up the good work really have positive vibes


Female, Age Private, Dallas, TX

Posted November 27, 2009


Female, Age Private, Kansas City, MO

Posted November 01, 2009

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