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Here is a personal note about myself, first one in a while...


Every time I see that you pass thru my page, most of the time you don't even say anything, you just want to look at my photo, you just want to hear the song that plays... maybe so you can feel that you are in my world, even though we share the same air, just separated by miles, even though we can see the same stars at night, but have miles and miles of clouds between us... I listen to the songs I put on this page, and think of you... After all that this is what I've found, nobody wants to be alone.

Sometimes, speaking to someone online, never having the chance to see them face to face, only having a voice over the phone, only having a picture to look at, not having any memories to fall back on, just conversations that last hours in your mind, can bring such happiness, and sometimes frustration. Speaking to you is such a beautiful thing. Thinking of you can sometimes be a torment.

How could something so good, make you feel so bad. Sometimes having it bad, this internet love is not so bad... No one is hurting anyone, just giving each other that which they need at that moment in time. When you need someone to talk to, that is me... when you need someone to listen, that is me.... when you need some one to say that they care, think of me... When you need someone to make you smile, think of me. Cause at least I can be all that thru these endless lines of optic wires. At least let me remind you how it used to feel to love, to be loved, to be needed.

Thank you for reading, my thoughts of my internet lover


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Hello Migente, Thank you for your support within Migente and at my events; From The Various groups I have developed to those I help and moderate for and the extensive Professional Network of the most interesting Migente members I have met, Thank you all for your support. I have devoted my time to developing a following for my entertainment and production ventures and have found you, the reader, and the ones that have made me a believer. I never thought I could come so far, never thought I would feel complete, and now I have you, you the reader, the ones that have made me a believer. Continue to support my efforts in promoting my various groups by passing thru and joining a forum of discussion or by just posting a picture. Those of you, who are interested in learning more about the man behind the dream, please feel free to leave me a note. I do post bulletins as well, so please take advantage of the option and check them out



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    January 16, 2004

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    Henryville, PA

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    Puerto Rican

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