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    July 08, 2007

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    Beverly Hills, CA

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I don't care what the excuse is... NEVER - EVER under any circumstance take anything personal, because it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Unfortunately It does in fact have everything to do with the other party and the hand they've been dealt.

It's always the unhappy people, with nothing to lose that GOSSIP and engage in STUPIDITY! You see POSITIVE - SUCCESSFUL people, never endanger their Karma with negative conversation. Never look back, Regret nothing, whether it be a good or bad day its called LIFE, embrace it cause every situation will have greater meaning down the road.

1. Now If I saw you in a crowded room would I say there goes my baby?

2. If we hugged would you hold me like the world was about to end?

3. If I kissed you would I feel the earth move under my feet?

4. Do you think about me when your lying next to him?

If so then this is where you end, and you and I begin, cause I'd rather live in your world then live without you in mine. There are many ways to describe my life, many ways to define who I am, Just know that everything isn't always what it appears to be, in fact if you knew what I've been through you'd start loving me tonight.

My life is a theater and not everyone deserves a front row seat. It's up to you to decide who gets a Backstage pass to your life and who should be moved to the balcony.


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Female, 40, Pawtucket, RI

Posted November 02, 2008

God Bless*


Female, Age Private, Boston, MA

Posted November 01, 2008


Female, Age Private, Sacramento, CA

Posted August 29, 2007

Just stoppin in to say a friendly Hello! :O)