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One Lucky Member Won A Brand-New MACBOOK on!!

He entered the 'DeVry Laptop Give-Away Sweepstakes' on a whim and came out on top!

The Grand Prize Winner of the DeVry University Laptop Give-Away Sweepstakes is member picisinny. His real name is Ignacio and he's a 26 year old professional chef that is currently living in Queens, New York.

When our staff member initially contacted him to tell him that he won the laptop, he didn't quite believe he had really won the sweepstakes! We had the opportunity to catch up with him and ask him a few questions, check it out:

MG: What was your initial reaction to the news that you had won the Macbook?

Ignacio: OMG! I was so shocked and surprised, I didn't believe I had won anything. You know how the publisher's clearing house tells everyone they won a million bucks? That's what I thought, it sounded like the call was a prank. I was a little reluctant to give out of information at first, but once I realized I had really won something I was really happy. I feel lucky.


MG: What are your plans for your brand new laptop?

Ignacio: Well, I have lots of plans to research and use it but I want to get wireless before I take it out of the box...I'm saving
up as we speak to get some accessories for it as well. I can't wait to use it

MG: Tell us a little about yourself, what are your interests?

Well, I like to go to dinner, the theater, the club etc...I'm not a boring person. I like to get out, especially when
I'm with someone special.

MG: Since you became a member in November of 2007, have you met anyone cool on

Ignacio: Well, the first thing I say to people when they hit me up is that I AM NOT A WOMAN. They all seem to think that
I am one because of my pictures. Well, I am not trying to be deceiving at all, I tell them straight up what I am.
I am comfortable being me and will only meet people who accept me for me. I do like that there are nice Puerto Rican men
on this site that I can maybe meet one day. It's great to be able to connect with others on my own time.

MG: Is there any last words or shout outs you want to give on

I just wanted to thank for allowing me to win something, I tell my friends to enter the contests and sweepstakes because they have a chance of winning something big just like I did!

MG: Ok, well...thank you for participating in the sweepstakes and for taking the time out to let us interview you.

Cool, thank you!


Visit Ignacio's page and drop some love!

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