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Hi! I'm here to assist you with site related issues and enhance your MG experience through your feedback. You can write into our HELP section through the CONTACT US link where we have a dedicated staff addressing all inquiries OR you can drop me a note. There will be site updates here so please stay tuned and read before writing into our help section or sending me a note; the answer to your question may already be displayed. Keep in mind our offices are CLOSED weekends so inquiries submitted after 5 EST (Friday) will be addressed Monday. Enjoy the site responsibly!! Thanks, Member Advocate.

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Changes to uploaded video


If you upload or play video on Migente, we have some important news for you:


The Migente tool you currently use to upload and view videos will be discontinued. If you wish to download your original videos already uploaded to Migente you can do so for a limited time, until April 11.


After Monday, April 11, members will no longer be able to upload and view videos using the Twistage tool on Migente. As a result of this change all the... (continue reading)

Migente IM Update. Give us your feedback.


We made some updates to the new Instant Messenger based on your previous comments. We are still working on some issues, but many problems have been resolved. Let us know how its working for you and share any problems that might occur. Its very helpful to us if you tell us the name and version of the browser you are using (i.e. Internet Explorer 7.0).
Thanks for your help!



(continue reading)

MG Site Maintenance


Attention Members !

One of the most popular requests by the MG community is to speed up the photo approval process. You post a main profile photo and it could take up to 48 hours to approve. We hear you and are working to address this issue. With the new photo moderation system, your photos will be approved faster!

To implement the new photo moderation system, we need to do so some maintenance work to the photos section. This means that some of the... (continue reading)

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