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Whats Up Fam! Welcome to my humble abode.
Whats Good? Just changing some things around in here since there are things that are jumping off on my end. As Being A Kreativ Person - My companies reflect the Kreativ side of me
I love multiple streams of income, I refuse to work a 9-5 - Its not becoming, I have only worked 3 jobs in my life - after that - I had to take matters in my own hands. I work with a great team and we are close knit.

So lets talk business, share resources and help one another succeed!
I am Founder / C.E.O of:
B. Kreativ. Studios
I love to design graphics and get them printed - hince having my own printing company. I believe that image is everything and I strongly believe that no one will take you seriously unless you have great graphics.
I am always sitting in front of these two screens developing new ideas
- Kreating - Kreating - Kreating -

B. Kreativ. Printing
Web Banners Coming This Week

United Artists' Fellowship Foundation.
I am in the process of starting a Non-Profit Organization here in Cleveland named United Artists' Fellowship Foundation and getting funding to get everything up and running -

I look forward to talking to like minded people and really being in control of our lives. Send Me a Note if you have any questions.

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Why I Love To Be A Marketer


There are few industries that ignite the passion as does the industry of network marketing. There is rarely a middle ground. Most people clearly pick a camp. It's the best industry in the world or is the worst thing in the world. Having always surrounded myself with smart, successful and opinionated friends, I have heard many points, examples and rational for both sides of the argument. I believe that I see clearly why multi-level marketing (MLM), or network marketing, moves... (continue reading)

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I've sat and watched the mlm'ers vs. the mlm-bashers for the past couple of weeks without much as a peep on my end. Without a doubt, I'm sure that the "bashers" have valid reasons for hating mlm. I've had them myself at times. In fact, I'm just coming back around to the appeal of rejoining the industry again simply because of the facts of life have changed in America recently.

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People have to understand the concept behind illusions. As long as we believe we are in control, that is what become content with over time.

If you really believe you have control over your destiny while working a job, try not showing up for work for 3 days without a call or notice and see what happens to you. But society has led us to believe that if we are working and have a steady income that we are successful.

REALLY?!? 97% of people on the face of the earth are one missed... (continue reading)

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Female, 36, Greenville, NC

Posted November 30, 2007

Wats up potna? Okay so I've been in TraVerus for, wat, less than two days and I already got two people under me. Now who's got the best sponsor in the world??? ME Hey look, these ppl need to get on this boat because I will guarantee that when they do they will be working with the best team, giving them the best training possible in order to help them succeed. I can't thank you enough for the opportunity you have given've been a every area of my life. Here's to the future baby....lets DREAM BIG and BE CREATIVE with it. New Year's resolution: Mo' Money Mo' Money Mo' Money!!! We goin' to the Mediterranean uh huh uh huh lol

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