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    Friends, Casual Dating, Serious Dating

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    September 24, 2011

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    Puerto Rico

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    Puerto Rican

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Si nos dedicamos a sembrar mas calidad, mas respeto, mas crecimiento, mejor comunicacion, mas paz, mas amor y mas confianza; mas facil sera cuando busquemos esas mismas cualidades en otros y para nuestras vidas. Podemos escoger lo que vamos a sembrar, pero estamos obligados a cosechar aquello que plantamos. ------------------------------ ------------------- ----------------------------- * ------------------------------ ------------------------------ - * ------------------------------ -Soy divorciada, 50 y/o vivo en Puerto Rico. Me gusta compartir con amistades y familia, me gusta la playa pues me brinda tranquilidad, el cine, o simplemente la paz de mi hogar. Soy una persona directa y clara en mis cosas pues espero lo mismo. Considero que para CUALQUIER tipo de relacion, la comunicacion y la confianza son de suma importancia. No me gustan las mentiras ni los juegos y tampoco exijo lo que no estoy dispuesta a dar. Solo existe una esquina del universo que puedes estar seguro que puedes mejorar, y se es tu propio TU/SER. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------- * ------------------------------ ------------------------------ - * ------------------------------ --I'm divorced, 50y/o and reside in Puerto Rico. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, I enjoy the beach very much for it brings me tranquility, enjoy the movies, or simply the peace and quiet of my home. Im a very straightforward and outspoken person and I expect the same from others. I strongly believe that for ANY kind of relationship to work, there must be open communication and trust for these are very important. I dont like lies and dont have time for games and I dont ask for what I am not willing to give. There is only one corner of the universe which you can be sure you can change,and that is yourself. Remember that you reap what you sow.-------------------------- --------------------- * ------------------------------ ------------------------------ - * ------------------------------ -- Love me without fear! Trust me without question! Need me without restrictions! Accept me without change! Desire me without inhibitions! For a love so free...will never fly away!!! And if you believe, truly believe, dare to try.-------------------------- ------------ * ------------------------------ --God Bless All of you!!!

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What we search for in another person is no mystery, though it seems so elusive. We want to be loved, to be made to feel emotionally secure and desired, what we seek in another person are identical goals, similarities that draw us closer and enough differences to challenge. Yet overall, what we are really looking for in another person is an extension of ourselves. We seek the other half of us that renders completion and when we find this person we are suddenly whole. ------------Que Dios les... (continue reading)