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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    January 05, 2002

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    Julio Gerena

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    New York, NY

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    Puerto Rican

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Member Since:
January 05, 2002

  • MG SN: OLD210
  • Name: Julio
  • Gender: 100% Male
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Age: 54
  • Birthday: Feb. 24th
  • Horoscope: Pisces
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sexuality: Women Only!
  • Education: St. John`s Univ, LA
  • Field of Work Ex Deputy Sheriff/Retired Army
  • Race: Latino
  • Roots: Puerto Rico
  • Looks: Nice Looking
  • Languages Speak: English & Spanish


Hello New York you may not be the same city I left back in 1976. But family is here so since I have parted ways with the US Army and LaFourche Parish Sheriffs Office. What better place to start over again? hmmmmmm..... Jury still out on that one.

'We come to love not by finding that perfect person, but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly' In life I made many mistakes. Some I would love to erase but we all know that is impossible. So I learned from them. Especially to never judge a book by its cover. I know I am not the best looking of many of the men here. (not that I have bothered to look) I do not have those magnificent abdominal or bulging muscles. Nor a full head of hair which by the way is grey. My face and almost everywhere on my body not protected by body amour bears some scars. Maybe some day I will connect them who knows it may be a map to great riches.
I ride a old jeep which has become my work in progress. Not going for a extreme lifted look. But jeeps can be customized to suit the driver (me). I have but don't feel compelled to ride a more civilized vehicle. I used to ride a motorcycle a Harley Davidson not because it was macho. But because it a beautifully crafted machine and it suited me. But I am a very good driver and as I continue to heal may do so again. I am also a good cook. (I fear no cook book!)
Who am I? To the people in my life I am kind, generous, very open with affections. especially to the one person who would be a part of my heart. I would be her clown, a good listener, her lover, and her warrior. I know how use a broom and a mop. I have even mastered the difficult task of putting the toilet seat down. I love music from Jazz to Salsa, even Country but so sorry. I have no love for gansta-rap or heavy metal. I cannot dance unless the dance floor is pitched dark. packed with people and we are in the middle of the room. I must inform you that for the next few months I may have surgery. Not too happy to have another surgery. But If it gets me out of this wheelchair its worth it.
I was injured while in the Army. The other from crashing my up to that point beautifully maintained Harley in New York City. But the wheelchair does not stop me from enjoying life. From kayaking to swimming in the Hudson River by Albany, NJ. Except next time. I will wait for warmer temps to go swimming. I overturned the kayak twice and the water was cold!) I push my body riding in Soldier Rides on a hand-cranked bike. I do have dislikes, those that simply must hate someone without any reason, abusers, liars, and dirtiness.

In many ways I miss the Big Easy. The city of New Orleans where I left many friends behind when recalled to active duty in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. But it has changed quite a bit since Katrina and so did many I used to call friends."

To those in the 256th Brigade Combat Team, the 56th Brigade Combat Team, and 1st Special Operations Command. It was my honor to be with you. To Keeo. Katrina took you away my very special friend. I am very sorry I was not there to protect you.

We serve a country like no other on this earth. Its not perfect but it`s mine with core values to be admired. It does mean something to us Latinos of all backgrounds for we have served in all branches of the military.
To the events of 09/11/01, we got hit, we lost many, but we got back up. To my fellow Soldiers, LEO`s, Fire, EMS brothers and sisters who daily put it on the line be safe and take care.

Boricua on the move.

Hello Migente my name is Julio I was born in New York City and raised loving that little island Puerto Rico. What a beautiful legacy I inhereted from my parents. New York City great city made even greater by ithe diverse latin flavor given to it not just by us "so damm proud Boricuas" but from the todos that share latino in their heritage. I am blessed that my parents are still alive and share in the life of my brothers and sister. I have three wonderful sons who would make any father proud. My oldest son Rickie who served in the US Marines carries a strength that took him from the streets of Oakland, CA but has a beautiful soul and heart that is seen as he holds his young daughter in his hands. Julian a new soldier serving in the US Army and Raymond my youngest son taking on the world in track and academics. Their strengths forged by the love and strength of their mother. I am forever in her debt for the gift of my sons..

General Highlights
I was a soldier another in the long line of latinos who serve with pride for a country that has given us much. As Reagan stated, Latinos have received "awards for heroism and bravery far in excess to their proportion of the population."

Hispanics have received the highest honors to date in the U.S. Navy.

Galveston, Texas is named after Bernardo de Galvez, who was instrumental during the American Revolution.

Puerto Rico is the second-highest American jurisdiction in per capita war casualties. They have fought for almost 100 years without having representation in Congress or the ability to vote for the Commander-In-Chief.

Ten of the eleven survivors of the Alamo were Hispanic.
David G. Farragut a Hispanic became the first Admiral of the U.S. Navy after outstanding service during the Civil War.

I am a combat medic, infantryman, and supply specialist. I did my best and pray I never brought dishonor to my family name or my heritage.

Con mucho carino,


  • Music: Boleros, Merengue and Salsa.

  • Sports: Boxing and Football

  • Other Interests: Activism/Community Service, Computers, Writing, Current Events, Riding my HD Dyna Super Glide and Photography.

The better looking pictures are of my sons...




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Female, 60, Bronx, NY

Posted August 26, 2011

I noticed that u selected a few of my fotos...i am honored...God Bless You Kindred Spirit n Soldier...God Speed beautiful man...