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Hola MG! Que lo que? Allow me to introduce myself. I am one of Migente's first members, like, ever! check my "member since" date- October 2nd, 2000 ;)

I credit my experiences at MiGente with much of my development as a cultural event organizer for Capicu Cultural Showcase. (By the way, our whole team trace their roots to Migente as well!)

The story: Through outreach and organizing MiGente members around hobbies from 2001-2005 (in our case, signing the Guestbooks of Migente members and also welcoming new members to the site), I was educated in a process of effective community engagement that I would take into my real life. Many of our decisions came about in a democratized voting process, and almost all of our art and HTML coding for Member pages and graphic banners came about from the Migente community.  This kind of organization and openness to user-generated content set the stage for what was to come... extending our relationships with our fellow hobbyists from the MiGente community into our real lives via hundreds of events that ranged from sports events, beach parties, barbecues, dinners, and nightlife events. Some have the idea that this happened only in New York,  but we have friends in Florida, Illinois, Texas and California that will tell you that these MiGente- member generated eve nts were happening in their major cities too!

It was through these same principles of organization that we now showcase positiv e Latino role models- authors, performers and artists of all sorts- in progressive community events. 

Since we began this new project 2007, my Capicu team is still on Migente trying to empower people with positive messages and challenge the MiGente community to think outside of the box... do not let the Mainstream Media define who you are!

In our proudest moments, we bring Christmas to 100 children every year and have done so for the last 3 years, we also support a school opened by a global non profit in the Dominican Republic (Better Future International), have recently done a fundraiser for Haiti, and are involved in the Latino Outreach of the American Diabetes Association (Feria de Salud).

Saludos to for offering us a dynamic platform of engagement with our fellow Latinos & Latinas! Y gracias!

What makes me who I am today? Simple. The philosophy of Edutainment (shout out to KRS-One!).
I dont remember the exact moment it happened, but there came this grand idea, an epiphany perhaps revealed in a series of dreams, expressing to me that we need to celebrate our peoples similarities and collective history since they are much more powerful than our socially constructed differences. Some elements that added to this idea were:

*The work of psychologist Carl Jung- who believed that the world had a collective unconscious, which accounts for the universality of many themes, stories and images around the world.

*The book Soul On Ice by Eldridge Cleaver- A marker of the 60s Civil Rights era which lays out the blue print of racist American society and its proponents in media and government. Strangely enough many of the themes written about 40 years ago still apply to day.

*The book Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevera- written when he was not yet a controversial icon, but a common man who was just coming across the idea that borders were meaningless; the struggles of the people are one and the same.

The point is that i came to realize that as far advanced as we have been blessed to become, many of us are still trapped in racist, sexist, and otherly prejudiced grudges of the past.. many of these grudges having no palpable origin, except for the idea that this is the way things "should" be or "have always" been. We work to break these molds of an oppressive yesterday in order to allow growth for a progressive tomorrow.

Sign my book! :)


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Vaya Mi gente! On Friday 3/27/09 We celebrated two years, starting out in BK and having put together open mics and featured events all over NYC

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CNN: Chupacabra Caught On Dashcam!


So did you hear? There's been a sighting of my precious Choopy! The following video is an actual CNN report from August 8th about it..
I kid you not! :-P

Oye pero Choopy come home, que esperas?!


& oh yeah.. Heres my original announcement about losing Choopy back in March! Look, it really is black like tar..HOLLER!

Thats it for now, mi gente. I'll get at u soon!


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Female, 37, Mexico

Posted August 12, 2012

Passing By saying hello !


Female, Age Private, Los Angeles, CA

Posted March 08, 2010


Female, 46, Miami, FL

Posted December 30, 2009

I can't tell if this is MySpace or Migente anymore hahahaha

love you J


Female, 31, Mexico

Posted October 08, 2009


Female, 31, Mexico

Posted June 19, 2009

Hola Como Estas!!


Female, 38, West Palm Beach, FL

Posted April 14, 2009


Female, 42, Troy, NY

Posted April 10, 2009



Female, Age Private, Los Angeles, CA

Posted March 27, 2009


Female, Age Private, Lebanon, PA

Posted March 17, 2009

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