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My name is MASTER ReDai and I have discovered the secret of how to have a fulfilled life. One day I was out chasing geese and a box of sandwiches fell from the sky, hitting me on the head. Dropped from the talons of an eagle soaring overhead, the box had two frozen sandwiches inside. So I ate one. One bite and I was hooked. It was a deeply delicious experience. I discovered that the sandwiches in the box were HOT POCKETS brand sandwiches that are microwavable, delicious, and essential to a fulfilled life.

Excited about my new discovery, I went up into the mountains and built an impressive dojo with my bare hands so that I could have place to meditate and train. I have made it my personal quest to spread HOT POCKETS wisdom and help save lives! ...Trust me, you will LIKE!

The patient visiting this dentist was afraid to get his teeth cleaned. I noticed how hungry he looked in the chair, and gave him a HOT POCKETS brand sandwiches. I think I saved his life (and his yellowing teeth) because now he goes to the dentist 3 times a week.

I went to see a boxing fight and saw this guy lying on the floor. I thought maybe he was taking a nap because he hadn't had anything to eat. I gave him a HOT POCKETS and five minutes later he was dancing around the ring. Five minutes later, he was back on the floor. Well, I DID save him temporarily .

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