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    April 28, 2007

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    Columbus, OH

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So I know alot of you are visiting my lil ol' page here b/c I sent you a group invite... and if not I'd still love to have you in the group!

Here's the deal, a person's pic can be cute, and their page can be hot, but nothing is better than a Beautiful Mind.

Beautiful is not neccesarily the smartest or the brightest, but one of the best ways to know if you "click" is to get someone's opinions on topics that are important to you.

You start by sharing your own opinions!

Thats all we want in MMI, I have made some lasting friendships by sharing and receiving intellectual opinions, and I hope you can do the same!

With all of that being said... I 've written a "brief" (lol) synopsis of who I am below... feel free to read it, or just come to the group and find out what others on migente and I are all about ;)


I really don't know what to say, because I figure if you really wanted to know something, you'd just ask me right?

So I know I can be wordy, and you may not have time to read this whole thing, so I'm trying to make the really important things stick out with colors and none such, so that even a cursory scroll can give you a good idea!

I'm in both the Healthcare and Electricity/Energy Industries, which I know is a wierd combo, but I love them both! Are you one of the few smart people who knows how to get FREE ELECTRICTY? Would you like to be?

Call me now! 1-888-CLEAN-53 Ext. 629

I firmly believe if you want to make money, you have to make decisions that make sense!

A couple of my favorite business quotes:

"To Suceed Jump as Quickly at Opportunities as you do to at Conclusions!"- Benjamin Franklin

"If you don't want to be poor, don't do what poor people do!"- My Economics Professor

I like to try new things, and am very open minded. I also like to meet new people, and as I am far from home, I need people to tell me what the deal is in Columbus or Ohio period! So if you think you are remotely interesting, then I'm interested in getting to know you (that goes for people from all over). Make new friends, but keep the old...isn't that what they teach you in girlscouts?

I can throw down on some Spades and Cranium ,
and I also enjoy a good game of dominoes!




I LOVE Football , especially the Bears, Bucs and Da Boys, i.e. The Baylor Bears (who would have thought we'd get so good?) OSU Buckeyes and the Dallas Cowboys . Basketball is a close second, hometown teams ofcourse: Mavs, Spurs, and Rockets... and now the Bucs!

Me gusto mucho el idioma de espanol, y necesito practicar. Puedes hablar conmigo?

I love Christian Fellowship (any denomination... just got to believe that He died on the cross).. there is nothing like the Power of Prayer, so if you want me to send up a few prayers for you just ask!

P.S. I am still an "indiscriminate friender"... so hit up that contact info box up there and add yourself to my friends, hit up that guestbook.. or best yet Send Me a Note! (I'd appreciate it :) )



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