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Proud Warrioress Art and Voluptuous Warriors exist to promote, represent, and respect the voluptuous woman in action-heroine and villainess scenarios, combined with a sexy and erotic twist. We do not promote violence toward women, but rather, we allow women to express their full sex appeal and empowerment in a fantasy-inspired forum. The works of art and literature produced by Proud Warrioress Art depict scenes involving actresses, playing roles as they perform in a forum together that they all love. They joy in starring in these productions, and one should be aware that the violence and blood that the viewer sees are simply special effects in their fantasy life. No one should be inspired to hurt a living woman by our work. We in fact represent the opposite, and maintain that a group of women may enjoy their desires together and display their abundant femininity with respect and dignity at the same time.



NEW at the Proud Warrioress Website on!


Roxanne the Barbarian: Funny, that they call me a barbarian. It amuses me, for I am actually a scholar. This journal pays witness to my scholarly pursuits. Perhaps future generations will know of this time, a time when the nobility of Amadon have turned their backs on the people. It was not so, 200 years ago, during the war with the Greco-Romonans.

We all know the stories, those about Sheelah the Triumphant and Fatimah the Diligent, the great Heroines of Amadon, and more, but those times have passed, and now the nobility of Amadon cohort with Greco-Romonan rejects in our land. And then there are the Gazonkans.

The damned Gazonkan Hoard, the ruthless %#&@$!es who scour the land. They consist of Amadonans and Greco-Romonans alike, but they are greedy, and unchecked by the lofty noblewomen of our time, roaming the land and pillaging the people. And they all have the audacity to call me a barbarian. There are others like me, those labeled barbarian, who still love the Amadonan people...but I am the best among them.

For now, I'll wear the name Roxanne the Barbarian, but perhaps I too will claim the title Triumphant, like the great Sheelah of old! Imagine that, Roxanne the Triumphant! Today certainly represents a minor triumph. The weather has been so good lately that I slept outside instead of reclaiming an Amadonan estate from the greedy Gazonkans to sleep in. I woke to discover that my sword was missing, stolen by some playful squirrels that I later befriended.

In any case, I woke to the approach of two Gazonkan raiders, and here I was without a sword! I quietly approached the nearest Gazonkan from behind. Determined to make the kill, I tried to ignore the distraction of her gorgeous, bulging %#&@$! cheeks as she walked. I had to take her out, and without a sword.

Small task for Roxanne the Barbarian!

Roxanne the Barbarian: I approached her slowly, stealthily, like a lioness--just as my grandmother taught me. The big-breasted Gazonkan suspected nothing as she sneered at the horizon.

I grabbed hold of her head. She smelled sweet, pampered by exotic oils given to the Gazonkans by the noblewomen, mere trinkets to buy their bimboish loyalties. There is always something in the way that I grab a woman's head when executing this maneuver...every woman knows instantly that I am about to break her neck!

"If you spare my life you can have and do anything you want with me just let me live!" the Gazonkan begged.

"Don't you realize that I am going to do all of that anyway?" I spelled out for her, "Silly Gazonkan!"

"No, I have coins!" she pleaded.

"There will be no spending them where you are going!" I whispered into her ear, followed by a tender kiss on her earlobe before SNAP!!

I jerked her head in a manner that my aunt taught me long ago, a technique used to slay some livestock in preparation for feasts. When I break an enemy's neck, I use so much force that I always have to bounce on my toes to release the kinetic energy. This invariably makes my gorgeous breasts bounce around. They are so full and captivating that I am certain that the Gazonkan admired them in the moment of her death, bouncing before her eyes as her head turned around, impossibly showing her the view behind her own back, if only for a moment.

The Gazonkan's torso was tossed about as she collapsed. These jiggly motions were caused by her heavy breasts sloshing from side to side. Her eyes stared at my gorgeous gourds for the remainder of her life as she collapsed breasts-first into the ground. The vibrations reverberated through her magnificent %#&@$! as the voluptuous Gazonkan bounced heavily while making a resounding thud. Her surprised face continued to stare at me from above her bulbous %#&@$! cheeks.

I took up her sword to deal with her companion. "Worry not," I told her body, "I'll be back to play in your %#&@$!. You foolish %#&@$!es have aroused me this morning!"



NiceGuyAut has rendered Proud Warrioress in a fight to the death with Stephy Brooks on Visit his free galleries. It is a must-see!



I catch the intruter by the head and C-CRACK CRACK!


The Renowned Spanish Artist JGN has rendered Proud Warrioress in an epic image in his Deviant Art Galleries. I challenge the wrong bad girl to a wild-west style draw! Oops, she messed me up! Right between the eyes! I'm Fuked! Check it out!



You win some and you loose some! If you want to see a chocolate bombshell who is is the habit of winning, check out Sheelah the Remarkable!


The Proud Warrioress Theatre website is up and running!
Please visit our Patreon site! It features beautifully illustrated storylines detailing the lives of the Proud Warrioress actresses. Imagine an ongoing graphic novel telling the story of a troup of voluptuous actress and their many adventures in plays, movies, and other artistic ventures. The personal lives of the actresses are a part of the site, but even more alluring are the actual illustrated plays and film productions that they star in. These productions are beautifully rendered in great detail, showing the adventures of curvaceous warrior women as they interact with one another in worlds where female armies battle sensuously for power and authority. Queens and sorceresses engage in feminine fights in which only the most noble survive, standing triumphant over the bodies of their defeated foes.

To join the Proud Warrioress Art website, simply use the URL on the photo above:

Kimmie Matsumoto has finally slain Delphia, the tall, statuesque Amazon who had been killing her sparring partners before Kimmie could engage them in her lethal practice duels. It has left Kimmie a bit unsettled, because she defeated Delphia before she could ask her why she had been killing her sparring partners. Kimmie knows that it was an attempt to terrorize her, but she remains unsure whether Delphia was acting alone or if someone was directing her. Something about Delphia's manner suggests that she was working for someone...

Oh well, the details would eventually come to light. For now, Kimmie is facing her first lethal sparring session since she took out Delphia. Somehow, her opponent is both slender and voluptuous, with great big tits and a hell of an attitude. Olga assures Kimmie "I have all of my defeated sparring partners stuffed and mounted in my study. You'll look very attractive there."

"That's just tacky %#&@$!." Kimmie sneers, "It demonstrates that you seriously lack class."

"Why, because I don't %#&@$! my opponents after I slay them, like a certain oversexed %#&@$! I'm about to kill?"

"Ooooh, you gonna Die! You have elephantiasis of the mouth!"

"I'll stab you right between your titties Kimmie!" Olga hisses.

Kimmie busts out laughing "I can't believe that you just set up that bit of irony for my memoirs! The chapter will be titled 'Idiotic Olga!'"

The women engage! Four minutes in, and Olga has been cut several times "Your kill strikes are pathetic!" Olga advises.

"No silly %#&@$!...just decorating your body!"

"For what?"

"For This!"

Olga looses the fight dramatically. Kimmie's sword plunges deeply between her big, firm breasts. Her left breast is sliced deeply as the sword burrows into her cleavage and stabs her right through her %#&@$!ing heart.

"You were real busty, weren't you %#&@$!," Kimmie says as she slaps one of Olga's boobs from beneath, making it bounce in jiggly firmness, "Aww...they're too fat for your coffin!"

Olgs coughs out her last word "Bitch..."

"Just for that," Kimmie admonishes, "Hold that sword for me, would you %#&@$!?" she slaps Olga's tits around with a wicked smile on her face.

Kimmie does not extract her sword from Olga's juggs, and the woman is subjected to a lengthy death scene, clutching her breasts and running her hands along the sword protruding cryptically from her boobs. She staggers into unbalanced squats before she finally succumbs and falls dead to Kimmie's feet. On her side, the death spasms throw her tits up and down over the sword.

"Who's the oversexed %#&@$! now, huh?" Kimmie remarks, "You just died titty%#&@$!ing a sword!"

Olga twitches her last, and her huge breasts finally settle into being stacked up with the sword bearing testament stoic to her bitter demise.


Below are some examples of what can be seen in my own free art files at I have hundreds of free photos posted there, and I encourage you to join Sexyamazons Premium. Just follow the directions at the bottom of the page and then check out my full site at the following address: ls/index.php?cat=28

The brown bombshell chases her pale opponent, demeaning her for her tactical retreat. "You will die with my katana between your tits!" she continued to threaten. Her adversary said nothing, preferring concentration to intimidation. The katana clanged against the double-edged sword over and over until suddenly the brown warrioress was stabbed through both of her heavy breasts. "Aggh!" she exclaimed, dropping her katana. The non-lethal stab had set her up for the deathblow, and she knew it. Despite having been the more aggressive woman, her opponent had used skill to best her. "Get on your knees!" the pale warrioress ordered, "Prepare to greet your ancestors." "Please," the beaten warrioress begged, "I yield, show me mercy!" she cupped her huge boobs in her hands "I'll let you suck my ta-tas if you let me liv-" Her request was cut short. "You will get as much mercy as you would have shown me!" her opponent declared as she stabbed both swords under her enemy's big titties and crossed them through the center of her body. "Aaaahhh, Goddesses!" the dying vixen declared, "Curse this BITCH that...has s-slain your c-child..." "You aren't anybody's child," her killer declared as she withdrew the swords. There, on her knees, the looser trembled in death spasms, clutching her expiring breasts in her arms. She died before her face plowed into the ground. There she lay, dead as a doornail, with her luscious, curvy %#&@$! high in the air. Her big, dead booty provided the perfect seat for her killer to rest upon and regain her strength after the epic confrontation. The busty redhead takes one between her heavy tits even as she screams "NO! W-wait!!" She releases both her knife and her lifeless brown victim. Kneading her soft boobs, the doomed redhead falls to her knees. She soon joins her victim, sprawled and defeated beside her. The third of the trio twitches with her defeat with our heroine's knife still lodged in her cleavage, but it is removed soon after she expires. You have Got to see this series! 6 New illustrations. (Join my website!) Just go to and join for free. Then follow the directions for joining SexyAmazons Premium and visit my Premium Galleries at http:/// ls/index.php?cat=28

That's right Captain," Detective Mindy Ross said into her smartphone, "A steel pipe right between her big, fat tits. Well, what-do-ya Think Captain, of Course it went through her heart! Yep she's a Juggette alright. They're Kinda hard to miss" She punctuated this remark by grabbing one of the dead Juggette's boobs, lifting the heft of it absentmindedly as she continued on. The Po-Po gang always investigated such things. Especially since they got to talk trash about their enemies' corpses. Mindy's partner, Patricia Bluebottom remarked "And guess who's around the corner. Julissa's titties look like swiss cheese." "I gotta go Captain...yeah, breaking developments and %#&@$!. I'll report in later." After making plenty of jokes about the dead queen and Yolanda having thought they were %#&@$!ing each other...but actually got %#&@$!ed by gunfire, the two detectives examined the guard's corpse. "The Motorheads are tryin to send em a message, huh Mindy?" Patricia asked. "I'll say, three steel pipes driven through a %#&@$!'s body should do the trick! Too bad we're gonna clean this dead %#&@$! up before they get to see it. Mindy was all too wrong. A faithful Juggete had already taken cell phone photos of the dead queen and the other two corpses. She was already on her way to tell Queen Joretta. The battle has Certainly intensified!


And check out these Proud Warrioress Deviant Art Groups! They are Highly Erotic!



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