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    Project/Program Management

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    Puerto Rican

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ABOUT ME: I am very honest and real easy to talk to, I have a great sense of humor, I love to laugh and make people laugh, witty, outgoing, compassionate, thoughtful, caring, I have sex appeal, I will always try to make someone happy, I am self-sufficient, independent, confident but humble, family & friends are important to me, I am open minded and can enjoy almost anything presented, I love to dance, travel and go to the casinos, I am very Romantic, (too much, sometimes), I believe in God, I believe in love, I believe we were born with the right to be happy and should take steps that make that happen. I am not perfect and know that you are not either, but who is in this world... I'm looking to meet a great, funny, honest, down to earth, kind, hard-working man to get to know and enjoy each others company. But I am not closing my eyes to the possibility for more. At this point in life I am learning about myself again and the new transitions in my life. No drama in my life and would like to keep that way.

RELATIONSHIP: I want to take things slow and eventually have a relationship... I am looking for someone that feels a relationship is about partnership and equality. We both walk side by side in our journey of life. We would contribute and have a common goal to work towards. Teamwork, compromise and communication are essential... Someone to come as they are and not play head games. These are my feelings they are what they are... if men can say what they want in a woman and expect it, I want what I want and expect it... I want my equal. I really miss LOVING THE HELL OUT OF SOMEONE and having them feel the SAME WAY about me. I am not looking to meet someone I can live with - I am looking to meet someone I cannot live without... I believe in love and I have learned the hard way that there is nothing you should not do for love. I would give up everything I have for love. I know that now. I am looking for a lifelong intimate connection with someone who understands and appreciates that you only get out of something what you put into it. If it's right it will feel easy, natural and fun. (chemistry is important). Beyond the initial chemistry and physical attraction I am seeking someone who wants an honest, continuously intensifying and deepening relationship that gets better and better over time because we are both totally invested in what we have.


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Male, Age Private, Boston, MA

Posted December 16, 2011