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Please take the time to read my profile in its entirety 
There WILL be a quiz ^_^ JK (or am I?)

Sick of silly little boys who don't know what they want. 
Sick of the GAMES and guys ONLY trying to get in my pants. 
I have kids. I go to school. 
I have NO time for games and BS. 
Looking for a long term relationship. 
If you don't know what that means do the world a favor and google it. K?thanks
I am not a b!tch, I just know what I want & what I don't want.
I speak my mind and I don't sugar coat anything 
I'd expect the same from my partner.
Don't waste my time & ultimately your time by messaging me if you aren't looking for something real.
If I sense bull sh!t I will, without a doubt, call you on it o_0
With ALL of that being said;; I am a very down to earth woman. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt & I never judge a book by its cover.






More About Me 

I never know what to say on these things to give someone an idea of who I REALLY am so I'm going to just throw it all out there.

I enjoy trying almost anything if I'm in the right company, it makes or breaks an experience. 
That's why I hate the question "what do you do for fun?" 
Fun is never in just WHAT you do it sometimes depends on WHO you do it with. 
I can think of a million nights where all I did was watch movies and it was amazing.

I also don't believe that people live as often as they should. Not in the sense that too many people are tragically killed (which is sort of disturbing as well) I just think that we are trained and expected to always worry about tomorrow. While tomorrow is a real concern (I do have a job, I buy groceries, I've secured somewhere to live) I don't think that I should spend my time worrying about something that is not promised to me. 

I live by the idea that its not real until it happens. Love, life, and everything. Until it happens to you, it's not real. You can't understand something that hasn't happened, you can't control it, and you can't begin to chase after it. You'll never know where to look.

I have a set of 4 year old twin boys. (They will be 5 in oct) They are my life!



I will NOT under any circumstances, send full/partially nude pics. 
I will NOT go on cam and $LUT it up for you. 
If that's what your looking for, please move the eff on :)

What I'm Not Looking For;; 
-Friend with benefits
-Short term relationship
-Hook-up aka one night stand
-Sexting buddy
-Head/mind games

My Ideal Guy Would Be;;
Confident but not egotistical, open minded, smart, level headed, able to show his emotions, ambitious, intelligent, good with kids, down to earth, a good listener, loyal, honest, cute, taller than me and open to my taste in music.



Fun Facts About Me 
k so now this is where I give you some fun facts about me:

-I love strawberry banana frozen yogurt with fruity peebles.

-I sing to myself in the bathroom mirror on occasion, although I'm still not sure why.

-I play video games (not as well as I'd like to) and absolutely love them.

-NPH is the man and anything he does is completely ok by me!

-Michael Cera is amazing, and when he played Scott Pilgrim he defined my dream guy.

-I sing to my food. I also sing about the things I'm doing at that moment. I'm trying to cut back.

-I'm not as graceful as I may seem, I tend to fall, make a mess, and knock over others.

-I love that I'm short and people can simply lift me up and toss me around, I like feeling delicate.

-I'm insanely cheesy.

-My eyes are black. (this is the quiz question)

-I don't mind making a fool of myself sometimes.

-I am bisexual (no I don't do 3 somes & no you can't watch)

If you've read this far congrats! Now all you need to do is shoot me a message & start up a conversation.
Thanks for reading oftwinboys



                                               Keek;; @VenomBarbie         


Q: How old are you?
A: 26 Turning 27 in Jan
Q: Do you have kids?
A: Yes, Twin boys. They are 4 Turning 5 In October
Q: Do you want more kids?
A: Yes, only when/if I ever get married
Q: Why are you on this site?
A: I have no clue really.
Q: Are you really 5'0"
A: Yep
Q: Why did you write so much on your profile?
A: Because I felt like it and also if a guy actually takes the time to read the whole thing then he is worth getting to know
Q: How long before you meet someone in person?

A: I have to get to know someone through here and/or texting & phone calls before meeting in person. So maybe about a month...     


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