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    Friends, Casual Dating, Serious Dating

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    December 22, 2002

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    Associate Degree

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    Computers, Software

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    Austin, TX

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    Black/African American, Native American

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    Dominican, Other

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A little about me... Lets talk about more what I like.. I like to travel. The last place I visited was CANCUN. The next place I want to go to is CHINA for shopping! Everything is made there so might as well go and grab a few things! What are you looking for in a partner? One who knows what she wants and how to get it. Or will figure out how to get it! I also enjoy someone who has good conversation. If its good in the beginning it just gets better with time. Goals you have to have goals and achieve them. Just haveing goals and not achieveing them is non productive. We have to keep this movement moveing! Openminded is another good quality my woman should possess because my taste is very diverse and my associates are very diverse as well. Being able to adapt in different environments is a plus I'd just like to add... I like to read. My favorite book is... Green eggs and ham by Dr.Seuss Just kidding.. Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill Another book is The count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas Movies... Two of my favorite movies would be Dont be a Menace to Society while drinking your juice in the hood" The wayans brothers did this movie.. Another movie is "The Boiler Room" Nia Long That movie was NICE! Restraunts..I have chef prepare my meals from scratch every day. Chef "ME". I like going to the gym. I rather wait in line for a treadmill than a Big-Mac meal! :) Travel.. State to State and International! Lets go! I like to fish! Swim. I do all types of things... My Ideal woman: WARNING: THIS IS VERY LONG BUT IF YOU`re FEELIN ME READ ON!

Physically my ideal woman is my height or taller. Her eyes are gorgeous brown,green, or hazel. She always keeps her hair and nails pretty. Her wardrobe is feminine yet playful during times of play. ie sports, swimming. My ideal woman has a cinnamon or a honey complexion. She wares makeup, not alot, but just enough to enhance her natural beauty.

Her bodybuild is midsize/average with a slight muscle tone. (Shes not skinny nor obese) Her hair is shoulder length/ear. Mentally my ideal woman is down to earth/real. She thinks rationally before she acts. She likes to talk but not over do it. She is strong willed and pushes until she gets what she wants. My ideal woman is smart books and street. Spiritually my ideal woman beleves in one god. She is oopen to other religions not just her own. Emotionally she is stable. She doesnt let small things upset her. If I make a mistake she is willing to talk about the situation rather than fight. If a heavy hit comes her way she bounces back and recovers quickly. Shes strong.

Lastly.......hmmm... She is a Sophisticated Freak. My definition of a Sophisticated Freak is "One who knows how to handle business when it is time to like work,shopping. Whatever! But when it is time to make LOVE everything is "game" there is nothing she shys away from.



If you have a picture send it to the e-mail uptop.


1. Fellas listen to ya girl when she is talking she will tell you everything she likes if u just listen

2. Fellas do something new in the bedroom like take her pants off with your mouth and her underwear off with your tongue

3. Fellas rough sex is ok sometimes have u seen the scene with DMX in belle try that (only if u both want rough sex dont try to be rough when she just wants to make love)

4. Fellas leave a note in a place where u know your girl will look nothing long just a simple I LOVE U will do just fine

5. Fellas learn how to give massages and dont let your girl ask for one just do it if u know her body hurts

6. Fellas when making love not *bleep*cing 2 big differences kiss her body slow from head to toe slid your tongue down her back real slow cont. on 7

7. Fellas then turn her around and repeat then u get to the middle push her legs up and

8. Fellas there is nothing wrong with going south as long as the streets are clean and if u dont know how here are some hints lick it like you are having your favorite ice cream for the last time *bleep* it like a blow pop eat it like chicken

9. Fellas put a rose on the window of your girls car with a note that says: havea good day, love u, just thinking of u, etc....

10.Fellas if u have the keys to your girls house 1 u r lucky cook her favorite dinner have the tub water ran with her favorite bubble bath lit with candles and rose puddles in it (dont get in this is to relax her)

11. Fellas kisses on the forehead is so cute to some ladies your girl might like that

12. Fellas when having sex listen to the way your girl breath and moan she tells it all what she like the most so remember where u are at leave it and come back later

13. Fellas try this get 2 big azz balloons get a medium bear and tie your strings to the bear in the bears hands put a bracelet or whatever around the bear and let the balloon go in the house of course and there u have it a floating gift

14. Fellas talk freaky to your girl on the phone tell her what u want to do in detail so that she wants u through the phone then when u see her and u get into it with her do everything u talked about

15. Fellas when u are chill in with your girl and she puts her head on your lap run your fingers threw her hair till she falls asleep

16. Fellas when u are taking your girl home from a time out on the town when she is walking to the door call her out of the blue and say u know I love u right

17. Fellas remember special dates

18. Fellas find out her fantasies and make them come true with out her knowing it

19. Fellas find out your girls schedule at work or school and send her flowers

20. Fellas dont get flowers when u do something wrong because when it is time to really get them they will mean nothing let your actions speak louder

21. Fellas licking your girl`s body is ok but try using honey or caramel

22. Fellas all of these things mean nothing if u are not with her and only her

23.Fellas write a list of things u would like to do to your girl and when the mood is right give it to her and let the lastthing on there say (as soon as u put this paper down i will start) watch how fast the paper goes down lol

24.Drive up the coast where you can see the beach as the moon reflect off the water dont turn on the radio let your words be the music for the night, this is a beautiful site to see and its amazing how you and your women will vibe on somethings that you never could believe. Conversation is the best.

25. Fellas just because most of these things may be sexual there are a million other ways to please your girl with out even touching her but thats to deep for some of you boys to handle


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