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    Friends, Networking

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    September 16, 2009

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    Louisville, KY

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    Native American, White

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I'm a Christian & proud of it, if ya don't like it ~ that's your problem, not mine!
I'm 33 years old
I'm from Cinci & I miss it there!! I love my Bengals, a true fan, doesn't matter if they're winning or having a tough time ~ I'm a fan & for all you Louisville people that wanna run your mouths ~ while I'm tuned into MY city's NFL team, why don't you tune into YOURS, oh ... wait ... you all don't have one, lol!!!
I love ~
Being a Mama, Dad & Nana
Music ~ Thirteenth Sun is AMAZING, check 'em out!!
Spending time with my family
Comedy Clubs
To cuddle
Soft kisses
Time with my family & friends
Mexican food
Ice cream
Lowriders ~ I have one
Tats ~ I have eight
Laughing & making others laugh
Random road trips
Text messaging
Being there when my kiddos need me
Watching my kiddos learn and grow
Spending time with my grandson
Going to the park
Cooking out
Spending time with my Pit Bull
Horseback riding
Playing "drive thru" ~ lol, ask me about it I might tell ya
Car shows
Bikes & no I don't mean bicycles ~ I'm 33, not 10
Speeding ~ it's such a rush
The only love I need is from my kiddos!!
I love candles!!
I'm a people watcher, lol
I'll do whatever it takes to keep my kiddos safe from harm!!
I think people need to get their noses out of others lives & live their own

I'm blessed with the 4 most amazing kiddos a woman could ever wish for, I always get compliments on them everywhere I go. All three of my daughters look like me & my son looks like his Papaw Joe, so yeah I have my hands full with 4 great looking kiddos. I also have a Mama that is amazing, a family that is incredible & friends that I can count on no matter what & they know they can count on me as well 24/7/365! That is the most amazing feeling in the world. When the day comes that I close my eyes for my final time, I want all of those that I love to know that they meant the world to me & I never took them for granted! As for anyone that's ever hurt me, my children, my family or friends ~ I don't have to waste my time or energy hating on any of you anymore, you're not worthy of my time!!

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Personality captures the heart.

Fairy Tales
"You made me what I am today, courage at its best.You wanted me to know no fear, a cut above the rest. Not only did I master that, I've thrown in loyalty, too. Look past my eyes into my soul, you know I'd die for you. I'll watch your kids, I'll watch your house. Your praise will be my crown, Ask what you will-I'll do my best, I'll even be your clown. But some of you don't like me, I really don't know why. The only thing I'm guilty of is courage, love, and try. But still they want to see me go, they want my breed to end. Will I see you sitting idly by? You, whom I call a friend? You made me what I am today, you never saw me waiver. I've done my best to keep you safe. Won't you please return the favor
~*~ Logan ~*~ Lilly






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2 truths and a lie

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