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Wheres The Vanilla?


A question was posed to me today I will answer it my best.

Q: is there a vanilla side to the handsome man? Your profile  tells only of your lifestyle involvement, etc I guess i'm just curious about the person you are outside of D/s

A: You bring up a good point. 

I had thought upon writting my profile (as well as the blog pages)  that I DID NOT  go over my explicit experience in the D/s community.  I did not go into it much at all because time... (continue reading)

OH My GAwd


I saw this on someones profile as the background.. I could'nt help myself. Just the cutest!!!!

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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    February 10, 2009

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    Sir Sin

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    Cambria Heights, NY

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino

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    Cuban, Spanish

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Gleefully, Mischievous, Sadistic Dominant
Nine-tail swinging, knot tying, cat/dog, slave/s.lut training, property owning, unapologetic meanie. 

A worshiper, yet wicked.

- tgirls
- kittengirls.catgirls.ponygirls .puppygirls
- brats.newbies.wannabees.touris ts 

I am looking for the like minded out there.
Those not exhibiting a "flat earth" type of
mentality. For conversations and if/when
relevant, specific connections. 

  I am a fully realized and definitively defined man. A deliberate, precise and focused explorer. I enjoy everything and want it all. I am consistent, yet never boring. My manner is a constant theme that is woven through everything I do. The only varying factors are the intensity & intent.

I am "always on" with a chance of "overwhelming".  ;

SIR SIN defined 

This Animistic, sybaritic, voluptuary, derives pleasure, mental as well as physical from having individuals express their inner id in his presence. He is a catalyst which promotes emotional & physical intimacy. When added to a social group setting also effective accelerator, promoting intimacy and individual expression while fostering a sense of acceptance and freedom from judgment. 

Dietary Needs

The look in someones eyes as they become cognizant of the fact that the walls just pulled away and flew off into space, just like he told them it would. 

The moment when someone locates the edges of themselves, and instead of running from it, simply taking stock of it, objectively appreciating the mapping of their own personal landscape. 

Bottom line

Every thing is so very delicious to me..
Experiencing, Exploring, Discovering The Nuances And Dynamics Of Fetishes, Kinks, Perversions as well as the women who exhibit them. 

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and experiences, gifted with the ability to not only appreciate but "enjoy" almost anything. My expressed dominance is evident in everything I do in r/l and second only to my innate ability to promote "growth" and to facilitate a "definition of purpose" in all those I meet. 


Embrace The Adventure....or cry trying. 
Sir Sin