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    December 14, 2001

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    Rosie Hernandez

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    Associate Degree

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    Restaurant and Food Service

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    Phoenix, AZ

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Male, 45, Lancaster, PA

Posted January 21, 2010

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So really you think you know me huh ! Well guess what you really dont know what I'm all about. People judge me by what I look like or the way I talk, dress or just attitude. I'm an interesting person if like an Onion you peel the bad shell of it. You might never even get to know because you dont really take the time to talk to the real me. People always talk to my front wall which I think is funny because the person that you get to talk at the beggining it not the sam,e person that you... (continue reading)

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~ * Welcome To My Page * ~ Well thank you for stopping by... Take a minute out of your time to read my personal message... Ok Well as you already know my name is Rosie I'm a mother of a beautiful baby girl name Ximena.. My daugther is 5 years old and you can see pictures from when she was born up till a few days ago... I'm in a commited relationship with a beautiful Jamaican guy who loves me for who I am... I met this man while i went through some tough times... I spent time in prison so I met this man while i was coming out of it... He has helped me alot get back to some kind of a normal life... I love working in the restaurant bussiness so I'm dedicated to working as a Chef... I also love to work on computers so Im trying to go back to school for that... I love experimenting with all kinds of exotic foods and making new creations or studing new cultures... My hobies well I had all kinds.. Lately my favorite one is going Hiking because it helps to clear my mind of all kinds of frustrations.. I also like reading, writting and pretty much anything that ends in ING I'm willing to try it at least once... Ok family well I came from a family of 7 me being the oldest... I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers althought I'm the oldest I still get treated as the baby of the family... I'm what you would call a daddys girl but hey thats what makes me unique... I was borned in El Paso Texas but currently living in Phoenix Arizona and I love the weather here... I lived in Seatle WA as well but would never trade Arizona again Home sweet home... Now if you want to ask about my baby's dad dont ask thats in the past.. Ok well if you liked learning about me hit me up with questions and I will gladdy answer.. Thanks take care and have a great day. . .