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    Friends, Casual Dating, Serious Dating

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    January 22, 2003

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    Union City, NJ

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"You know wut my name is,

and just like Slim, Im Shady,

Not only a Thug,

But a Lady"!!!!!!!!!

"My Capital"

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo,

a place where palm tree`s grow,

a place where visitor`s go....

You could walk around da beautiful sea,

Santo Domingo is da place to be...

Presidente and Brugal are the liquor`s for the night,

Dont forget to look up at da sky, where da star`s shine bright...

Your awoken by da sound of da rooster crow,

All this goodstuff in Santo Domin-go....

People look down, and call my country a disgrace,

But little do they know, we come from a strong Dominican race....

Santo Domingo is filled with people who treat you right,

Eventhough, it`s 5 buck`s for a can of sprite...

Come one day and enjoy what you see,

That beautiful Santo Domingo that I Love inside me.........

Pride- "Santo Domingo"

Pride is something that never dies,

Pride is somehting you never hide, the pride and joy you carry with you, till da day you die....

I love that Dominican spirit that grows deep inside...

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo

the place where love grows,

Ha! Hah! only Dominicans know....

Thanks Hector.......

"I Love MaryJane"

I luv MaryJane 4 all those good times,

She comes 2 me in knickles, even in dimes.

I luv MaryJane 4 da high she makes me feel,

All da problems on my mind she will heal...

I luv MaryJane 4 neva leaving my side,

She`ll alwayz b there 2 make me feel high..

I luv MaryJane 4 all those lonely nights,

She`s made me tripp, even go on a flight..

When im high i like 2 listen 2 beats,

Some sh*t like Redman, rockin da streetz..

White Owls, Dutches, Phillies, Optimos,

All i want is 4 her 2 burn slow....

I just luv 2 roll her in cigar "bluntz",

MaryJane will alwayz b there, she neva frontz...

MaryJane, MaryJane, she takes away da pain,

She`s da only one who`ll b there, when it rains.......

"I Hate U So Much Right Now"

I hate u so much right now,

U f*cked me over,

and that sh*t was foul...

U went all out,

getting ur d*ck licked,

by some f*cking b*tch,

she was just another trick,

and i thank da LORD 4 da snitch...

Im just glad that u didnt hit da clit,

cause that would`ve been some sh*t,

we would`ve thrown down,

like 2 mothaf*cking pitts...

But now i have da witts,

2 leave u alone,

im going 2 find somebody,

that can really make me moan,

and 2 take over,

as wut u knew as da kINGs thrown,

word is born.......

So take that, PADOWWW....

cause i hAtE u sO MuCh RiGhT nOw!!!!!!!!

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