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Blow Kisses.. Not Coke

I've become something I can't control and you will have your false ideas of who I am. You don't know, you won't know, but please, keep trying. Confidence is the most attractive part of a person. I've changed so much over the years and I continue to keep changing. Don't hide who you are, ever. I like things you would never imagine. My mind and my appearance don't seem to go together. I like out of the ordinary. I like strange. I'm attracted to people who are NOT "normal". Yes, not normal.

The name is, William RoManze. However, when you hear my name William, what comes to mind? It's rhetorical, I already know. You think I'm some cocky, arrogant %#&@$!. Why? Because I probably come off that way right? Nope, wrong! Looks can be very deceiving. I say what's on my mind and I mean what I say. You choose to play games of ring around the topic, beating around the bush of truth, while I say things straight. Write me a message and see for yourself, I'm not a dick. Intrusions of being misconstrued is definitely old news. Illusions of what you choose to believe of me give me hope and confidence. There are very few things I've done that I have regretted and I am proud of that.

Before you judge someone, consider why they are the way they are. There are no sarcasm in these words and we are all perfect. Well, at least I am. I enjoy things I don't understand. Like you and me. I am not looking for answers, but I will ask questions. We (you and I) bring others down because we don't understand. We won't understand. Yet, we could understand. Live, work, play, think, act, lie, create, forgive, love, die alone. Are you comfortable yet?

Sarcasm. Dancing Penguins. Awesome tattoos. Horror Movies. Camille Rose Garcia Art. Viva La Life.

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