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I'm afraid to get involved. Very indecisive. I date and undate, want and then don't want. I like mystery. I think that's what keeps my going. It's something about not knowing that I look forward to (I'm not even sure if that make sense). But then again I hate surprises. I need to laugh and smile on an every day basis. I also have the need to be needed. I make mistakes and fail freely, but I don't view them as failures, more like opportunities. I learn from them. My favorite number is 7. I like to surround myself with beautiful people that can offer me as much or even more than I can offer them. I'm confident with myself, I know how to have a good time and I'm not afraid of taking risks. I live and party for the present but always with a careful eye for my future. I'm extremely extroverted and energetic. I very much enjoy going out but I'm also content with chilling at home with someone by my side. I have some of the most sincere friends that tell me how it is. I love the feeling of being in love and being loved. I'm very competitive and I like taking charge. I'm very picky with the food I eat, the friends I have, and the people I date. I get bored easily. I have many dreams and goals that I haven't shared but will accomplish. I love being me. ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT HAS A GOOD HEAD ON THEIR SHOULDERS....LOVES TO HAVE FUN....DRAMA FREE.....AND THAT LIVES LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!! SO FOR EVERYONE DAT LIKES TO READ UP A BIT...I no longer care what goes on. Ppl cant see nothin of a real person, so who cares, Its hard to think that you want somethin but cant have and da bare thought of it jus sucks, day in and out i have thoughts bout you dat i cant get rid of but what to think if the feelin isnt the same.. that eye to eye contact let me tell you ppl will say things your mind can possibly speak...Yeh i am single and lookin for the one GUYl that can keep my attention to HIM(I thought I had that but the mind state wasnt ready for it). I want the one GUY that can drive me insane every time we speak...In this world are there any?!
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All night in the dark, alone in my bed, is when visions of you dance through my head.

I long to hold you and feel your touch.

But, I can only cry because I miss you so much.

I can't sleep for my thoughts of you, so, I lay awake and hope you think of me too.

The night is long, I yearn for the light.

It's then, my feelings are unveiled in the present.

I miss you so much, I can't sleep.

I want to feel you and your heartbeat.

The... (continue reading)

The thuth about life!!


Take no offence on what I have to say..

I guess sometimes a touch of reality really hurtz... !! Like da sayin says "THE TRUTH HURTZ, BUT LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD!"

Sorry most of yall can't deal with the truth..

Okay so I'm in need of writing a blog... maybe bcuz im jus angry..sad.. simple wOrds I jus have mixed emotions... I don't even know how to start bcuz I have sO much in my mind I just can't let everythin out...arg!!! ... why r %#&@$!es so dumb n get fooled by... (continue reading)

Facts about life!!


Well yeah, There are facts in my life I can never change. I feel like no matter how hard I try I can't move on. Sometimes I think that a true love can never be, I just believe that somehow it wasn't meant for me, Life can be cruel in ways that I can't explain. That's how I feel in the dark side, Now in the bright side I feel like life is a party to have fun and no time to feel sad just happy, you know life is good, no tears, no stress, just chill and be happy, feel like a fairy. I guess that... (continue reading)