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    September 08, 2003

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Bowling Green, KY

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    Black/African American

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This the one and only Kandyman reppin that 270 in KY.This is my 1st time on here and ill be comin with some hot shhh for yall soon.Also be on the lookout for my record label Smoked Out Loked Out entertainment.

Maybe ill be able to get some songs done and put them on here for you to hear.2004 goin to be our year along with my production team Sinister Sounds Incorporated or SSI Productions.

Either one.Its all the same. When everything is put together be lookin for us. If you gonna represent with real niccas represent with us especially if you from ky.For everyone pics comin soon. Ive also go to ask whats up with the guys on this site. all of a sudden im gettin more guys than girls that wanna be friend. If you just want to listen to your music thats cool, if you just wanna get to know new people thats cool to, but if you one of those guys on the downlow that want more than was meantioned do yourself a favor and check yourself into a mental ward cause you done lost your damn mind. If you cant tell by the story im 100% no ifs ands or buts about puzzy. So keep your messages to yourself cuz i aint with what yall with

new story for the ladies of migente.

Its a warm slightly windy night. Theres a full moon out and the stars are showing.Youre just as beautiful as the night and had every guy wantinto get with you but youre with me.At 3am its time to close the clubs and we`re on our way home.

Is it your house or mine.Thats something we didnt think about but you tell me what you wanna do without even speakin a word.Leanin over and rubbin my leg then holdin my hand and smiling you cause the car to swerve into the nextlane goin to my house.

Wekeep on going till we`re finally at my driveway.I open the door and you step in.

I turn on the lights.You sit on the couch.I get you a drink and turn on some slow jams.We start to dance.I move with you puttin your arms around my neck and move in close.U like your smile and start to kiss you.We move out to the patio and look at the stars.

We look at each other and kiss again more passionately.I Kiss your neck then move your hands from your waist to your behind.I move you back towards the wall and get on my knees. I reach under your dress and pull your thong down.

I kiss your thighs then lift your dress up and begin to eat your coochie.You spread your legs and i finger you.Pushing 2 fingers in and out. I fill your hand caress my hand as you start to moan.To our surprise it starts to rain.

We`re gettin soaked but dont care.I continue to eat you.Lickin deep into into you.I feel you gettin wetter and wetter.It begins to run down my fingers.I stop and stand up and kiss you.

We move into the living room.Damn youre soaked.I watch you take your dress off.Damn what a body.I come up to you and start to hold you.You start to smile and laugh a little.I kiss your neck then your shoulders then your back.

I lick my way up and down the middle of your back and undo your bra.You slip it off and turn around.The cold rain made your nipples hard. I begin to kiss your breasts and *bleep* on your nipples keepin them hard.A lil moan leaves your mouth.

I watch u take my shirt off then kiss my chest and stomach.Then my pants pullin them down.Then my boxers.We kiss again.You backme up to the couch kissin the whole way.

I sit down and watch slide down on my dic.You`re so tight.You can feel a lil pain and i can see it on your face.You slide more and more and i got you bouncing.You keep on bouncin as i *bleep* on your nipples

There`s no stoppin your moaning. Youve gotten use to the size and starts and has gotten soakin weteven though youve dried off from the rain.Its not long before you`re shakin and your breaths are comin shorter and shorter

I can feel something wet rushin down my dic as you begin to kum and make the funniest sounds.You get to leaking then lay down on the couch.Its so much easier now. Spreadin your legs i push back into your coochie

I hold you thighs and start to pound you.I put my fingers in your mouth and watch you *bleep* and lick on them.Its so sexy.I turn you on your side and continue to pound you.Crazy moans and sounds leave your mouth

Its got you grabbin the sheets and bitin the pillows.Its like you got your eyes glued shut as you continue bite the pillows.I pull out of you and you get on the floor.Lookin back at me smilin and tellin me I know you want to do it.So give it all to me.

Oh its like that I say

Uh huh its like that you said

I grab your hips and begin to push into your *bleep*.Makin squintin faces as I push harder.I get all the way in and speed up.You look towards the ground not believin the feelin rushin through your body.

Im surprised that you start to back up on me matching every thrust.I take it out and you move to the couch.Liftin yourself up you get on a cushion and rest your hands on the headrest.I push back into your *bleep* pickin up speed again.

Reachin under you I push 3 fingers into your puccy.I push in both holes at the same time makin you wetter and wetter.My thumb plays with your klit sendin more and more electricity through your body.Youre literally leakin on the cushions.

I continue to speed up and soon youre trembling and shaking.Before I know whatto say youre kummin hard and grab the headrest even harder.I pull my fingers out and try to pull my dic out but its to late.

I shoot in your *bleep* causin you to keep kummin.First in your *bleep* then your *bleep*.I start pullin out still shooting and coat your *bleep* in kum then step back watchin u gush like a waterfall.You look back sayin the dicwas good.

You turn around tryinto catch yourbreath. I sit next to you as you fall asleepon my chest. Damn what a night.

the end

tell me what you think about it. leave a note or sign the guestbook or if you really want to know whats up holla at me and tell me whats up

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