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FEW QOUtES By ME -i wOuld say dOnt s t e a l ! bUh i knO ya will NEWAY ! [haters lol]

-"dOnt play qames with a qirl who can play better"

-"tHe key tO chanqe is tO let qO fearr &; yOur past"

-"tO lOve means lOvinq the unlOveable,tO fOrqive means pardOninq the unpardOnable,FAoth means believing the unbelieveable,&;hOpe means hopinq when everythinq seems hopeless"

-"when i wanted to forget it killed me to remember"

-"qod will never take somethinq away from yOu;withOut qivinq yOu somethinq sO much better"

-"sO many assume sO little knOw"

-"sOmetimes all it takes is anOtha chance tO qet tHinqs Riqht"

-"a qirls heart is a ocean full of secrets"

-"wish yOu were me ? YEAA' i have that effect On peOple lOl"

<3_C r e a t e d _by_C i n d y_<3


xA little ABOUt MEx

 SO tH3 fAM0US NAM3 iS CiNDy [: bUH tH3Y SHOUt OUt P0PA.PUERtO RiCAN,BlACK,& PHilliPiN0 bl00d RUNs tHRU tHES3 V3iNS.iM SiNGl3 NOt R3AllY l00KiNq jUS l3ttiNq W.3 CUMS MA WAY CUm.I 3NjOY NOt GV3N CARiNq wah Otha PPl tHiNK Or say Of me Or abOut me =] ii lOV3 tH3 HAtR3D FRM My FANS WHO liK3 tO JOCk MA PiKS ON EVRY WEBSiT3 tO yA BiTCHES You CAN NEVER BE ME U CAN tRY BUH u WONt G3t fAR YA MAKE M3 SHiN3 LOL * ii alsO qOt future qOals Cnt always be a party qiRl qOTTA HAV3 tH3 B3St OF BOtH WORlDZ <3 MY PH0N3,C0MPUt3R,H0t CH33tO3S,HON3Y-BUNz AR3 My liF3 <3 WRitiNq,Sinqinq,& DANCiNq iS My P A S S i 0 n * ii lOV3 [tAttOOs+Pi3RCiNqz] nD STYL3 iS A D3F MAJOR FOR M3 ! fR3SH iS WAH i StAY. I D0Nt B3 ON tH3 LiL kiD qAM3S SO DNt CUM WiT BUllSHit tO MA PAG3 OR u CAN CLiCK DHAT PREEtY [X] iN dHA TOP RiGHt CORN3R :] N0 iM NOt DA BADDEST BUH ii F3AR NOBODY. ii K33P SHit 100% [REAL]. iM BiSEXUAl tHEA FOR iM iNTRESTED iN lADi3z N G3NtZ =].iM AlSO A HARD HEAD lil One lOl Wit a biq AttitUD3. WAH CAN ii SAY iMA CAPiCORN ;] BUH iM ALSO tHE SWEEtESt qiRL yOu Will EVA M33t,MOSt CAll ME M3AN &; a aSShOle lOl BUH iM JUS HON3St.iM MAD OUtGOiNq n dOWN FOR NETHinq nOt a fAN Of bORiNq PPl.iMA L3AV3 iT H3R3 iF N3tHiN JUS G3t At M3. By tHE WAY HEREZ MY OffiCiAL MYSPAC3.F0R tH0S3 WHO tHiNK iM fAK3. icial my id# is 200825220