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    January 04, 2008

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    Jackson Doe

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    Black/African American

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I am a very discreet person, intelligent, respite, simple, adventurous, fashionable, harmonious, cheerful, loving, thoughtful, and exemplary. I am a very good writer and an angelic singer; I write and sing my own songs- all in gospel as my life has since been fully relinquished to God for his middling in all my affairs. I write poems, parables, words of wisdom, and stories. I know how to make my friends and humanity feel at home, and give everyone a sense of significance and reasons of living a life over and over again with my bequest of inspirations from God. I love working with people of every class regardless of social, physical, moral, and religious orientation nevertheless I am a born again believer and spiritually cultivated. I love kids; they bring me joy and at the appropriate time and season would love to have mine one day to teddy bear. Showing everyone love is my principle about humanity, the dedication of my body, soul and spirit entirely is my reasonable acceptable sacrifice to my Grand Creator (Jesus Christ). I always smell the dust because am very low or even right on the earth. I am not mortified to speak about myself assertively like I am doing now due to the awareness I have about myself; seeing the magnitude of scarce but splendid, desirable recipe of succulent components I am condensed with. Most importantly am a footballer by career! Please read this little poem: Entitle: a friend is your mirror: A friend is like a mirror whenever you are dressed You look at for make-up of your attitude When you are going wrong, he sets you back right You look him up for the coherence of your attitude He is around when you are lonesome He frowns whenever you are sad He is down whenever you are upset He is the danger sign when you are over speeding He is the go ahead to any difficult check point The green light in the longest traffic He is the sandwich in your brad He is your bravery in the midst of your fears The reassurance of your insecurity The explanation of your doubts The nightingale in your loneliness The velvet to your body The time on your watch It tells you when to speak When to go, stay, walk behave He the compass of your world The physician in your poorest health A friend is a shelter in the strongest storm A friend is a peace in the fiercest war The definition of living an exemplary life The safer bridge of a dangerous river A friend is like a spice to sweeten your life The dove in your blue sky The mighty eagle touring your sky The velocity to your mobile The safest mobile leading you to destiny The escort and security in your adventures A friend is your battle cry when courage is lost When a battle is won, a friend is your victory song Oh! Later did I know that I was not in my museum in which I iota my poetical collections for their exposition. Oh! Oh! Am sorry ok, but this is me. You can better elongate your friendship to me by adding me on holiness_righteousness@yahoo.c om or we could chat. -Champion-

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Male, 50, Boise, ID

Posted February 23, 2011

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Female, 42, Atlanta, GA

Posted May 29, 2010


Female, 40, Bowie, MD

Posted March 03, 2010


Male, 50, Boise, ID

Posted February 24, 2010


Female, 58, Uvalde, TX

Posted February 22, 2010


Female, Age Private, Passaic, NJ

Posted February 15, 2010


Female, Age Private, Passaic, NJ

Posted February 15, 2010


Female, Age Private, Dallas, TX

Posted November 23, 2009


Female, Age Private, Jersey City, NJ

Posted October 31, 2009

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Male, 36, El Monte, CA

Posted September 30, 2009

Hello there how have you been, what's new with you? Please make sure to watch the the Final Destination for the Evil Supremacy Film @

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